Nepal builds back better

Three years after the devastating earthquake struck Nepal in 2015, some of the hardest hit communities have emerged more resilient, safer and more confident thanks to your support.

From rubble to resilience: Nepal three years on

It was a devastating natural disaster that killed close to 9,000 people and uprooted the lives of hundreds of thousands of families. Three years on, Nepal has built resilience and restored safety to the earthquake-affected children and communities.

On 25 April 2015, the country was struck by a magnitude 7.8 earthquake, followed by a strong aftershock weeks later.

Together, these quakes destroyed more than 600,000 homes and affected more than eight million people (or nearly one third of the country’s population), most of which were in Nepal’s most vulnerable communities.

With the help of generous supporters like you around the world, World Vision was on the ground within 24 hours of the disaster striking, providing survivors with food and emergency essentials such as blankets and tarpaulins.

Rising from the rubble

Since 2015, World Vision has been in Nepal working with communities most in need to restore a sense of safety and strengthen resilience.

With an aim to meet emergency needs, strengthen the resilience and self-recovery of affected communities, and restore a sense of safety, World Vision’s Nepal Earthquake Response has been active for three years and reached significant milestones.

Most notably, we’ve reached more than 573,000 people, including 248,259 children, across 10 of the hardest hit districts.

Now, as World Vision finalises its response, the communities we’ve worked with are more self-sustainable and better prepared to withstand future shocks and meet new challenges with greater confidence.

Liz Satow, National Director of World Vision Nepal, says as the response wraps up, donors and all those involved must be acknowledged.

“We would not have been able to carry out the response without them,” she says.

“Particular thanks also goes to the World Vision Nepal staff and local partners who persevered under difficult circumstances to make lasting change in earthquake-impacted communities. Thank you!"

Achievements and milestones, three years on:


households were supported to build semi-permanent shelters


clean water kits were distributed


people were reached through hygiene education

World Vision’s critical humanitarian support has also assisted communities to build back better by:

  • reaching 573,688 people with emergency response, including 248,259 children
  • delivering 105 irrigation systems
  • building 305 houses
  • re-enrolling 1,002 children in educational institutions
  • restoring 45 roads
  • distributing 3,721 baby hygiene kits
  • distributing 10,549 education kits
  • building 12,275 toilets



Children in Nepal stand in front of a newly constructed health post that was handed over to their earthquake affected community. World Vision has supported repair and construction of health posts in earthquake affected districts.

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