In 2018, Indonesia was struck by a series of natural disasters that caused widespread loss of life and destruction in three different regions.

In July and August of 2018, Lombok Island was affected by a series of strong earthquakes and aftershocks. On 28 September, a magnitude 7.4 earthquake and tsunami hit Central Sulawesi Province. Later in the same year on 22 December, the volcanic eruption of Anak Krakatau triggered a three-metre tsunami that inundated coastal communities along the Sunda Strait between West Java and Sumatra. 

These three disasters combined claimed more than 3,100 lives and affected a further 5.8 million people whose homes and communities were damaged or destroyed.

Through our local partner organisation, Wahana Visi Indonesia, World Vision is helping communities in Lombok, Central Sulawesi and the Sunda Strait to recover and rebuild their lives.

By the end of January 2019, we had reached more than 218,000 people with assistance. This has included distributing clean water, shelter and hygiene items, setting up feeding kitchens for mothers with young children and setting up child friendly spaces where children can play and learn in a safe and friendly environment.

Our response program is currently in the recovery phase and working to strengthen its operations in the areas affected by the disasters. Emphasis will be on advocating the importance of child protection, reuniting families and building safe and stable learning environments.

Indonesia emergencies FAQs

It’s estimated that more than 5.8 million people were impacted by the earthquakes and tsunamis that occurred in three locations in Indonesia during 2018.

3.5 million people were affected by the Lombok earthquakes.

2 million people were affected by the Central Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami.

350,000 people were affected by the Sunda Strait tsunami.   

World Vision has been working in Indonesia since the 1960s and has local staff and long-standing programs in the region.  

Through our local partner organisation, Wahana Visi Indonesia, we are working closely with the government and other local groups to respond to humanitarian needs in the three locations. This assistance includes:  

  • providing clean water, installing water tanks, building emergency toilets and conducting hygiene education;
  • distributing shelter and hygiene items including blankets, soap and tarpaulins;
  • setting up feeding kitchens and safe spaces for mothers with young children;
  • working with local health workers to halt the spread of disease;
  • setting up safe spaces where children can play, learn and receive specialist support; 
  • building temporary learning centres, distributing school kits and supporting mobile libraries; and
  • conducting cash-for-work activities whereby local families receive cash in exchange for their participation in clean-up and rehabilitation works.

By the end of January 2019, we had reached more than 218,000 children and adults with relief and rehabilitation assistance.

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