Urgent: Help get the Amazon Hospital Boat back on the water.


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Extreme poverty, isolation and the COVID-19 pandemic have created a health and nutrition crisis in the Amazonas region of northern Brazil.

Until recently, a World Vision hospital boat has been providing life-saving healthcare to vulnerable communities in this region that can only be reached by boat or airplane. However, the funds keeping this boat on the water have run out. This means thousands of families relying on the boat for essential health and nutrition services have nowhere to turn.

Please help get the Amazon Hospital Boat back on the water. Volunteer doctors, nurses and dentists are standing by. Your donation can help provide them with equipment and supplies, as well as cover the boat’s fuel and maintenance costs.

A message from our CEO, Daniel Wordsworth

Why your help is needed urgently

75% of people
in the Amazonas can only be reached by boat or plane.

12 million people
in the Amazonas go to bed hungry every night.

10,000 children and adults
can be reached by the hospital boat annually.

Please help vulnerable children living in Brazil’s Amazon region.

Donate to help get the Amazon Hospital Boat back on the water.


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Your donation will support the Amazon Hospital Boat Appeal. In the unlikely event we receive contributions in excess of the needs of this appeal, we will use the excess in other areas of our work, where funding is needed most.
The hospital boat provides much-needed medical and dental care to isolated and vulnerable communities in Brazil’s Amazon region. Funds are needed to cover repair and maintenance costs for the boat itself, as well as the specialised medical and dental equipment on board. They are also needed to cover the costs of food, fuel and other supplies for the crew and healthcare volunteers embarking on up to 10 trips per year, each lasting 5-7 days.  
Funds raised through this appeal will be sent to World Vision Brazil and may be combined with funds raised from other sources to get the hospital boat back on the water. Even if we don’t reach our fundraising target, all contributions made to this appeal will be used to support the boat’s maintenance and operating costs.
Once it receives the funds needed, World Vision Brazil estimates that it will take around 45 days to prepare the hospital boat, crew and healthcare volunteers before recommencing operations.
Your donation will help to provide the hospital boat with enough funds to operate for one year. This means World Vision Brazil has time to find more sustainable funding sources for the boat’s ongoing maintenance and operations.
Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible (depending on your personal tax position).
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