Yulara's triumph in Tanzania

An ambassador for Indigenous youth worldwide 

Having dedicated herself to working with Indigenous youth to develop leadership skills, confidence and personal and professional skills, Yulara was offered the chance to meet World Vision leaders from around the world and give them her insights into working with youth.

The council was dedicated to child and youth participation and working out how it could improve World Vision’s child-focused decision making, in part by asking young people like Yulara their opinions.

Youth representatives from every region joined panel discussions, led workshops and showcased their contributions to World Vision.

The impression she left has been far-reaching.

During the council Yulara spoke with a member of World Vision Brazil’s board, who was challenged by the fact that her own country would not have brought an Indigenous child to represent them.

Inspired by meeting Yulara, this board member now has a vision to change Brazil’s laws about Indigenous children, and hopes to one day bring an Indigenous Brazilian child to the Triennial Council.

World Vision International's Director of Prayer Ministries, Sarah Plummer, said Yulara's contribution had been eye-opening.

"It is incredible the difference Yulara has brought and the possibility of this affecting the Indigenous children of Brazil and other nations is wonderful," Sarah says. "Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Indigenous youth of Australia could be the ones that challenged governments around the world about their attitudes to Indigenous children?"

Yulara herself is incredibly happy about the whole experience.

"I'm in shock. I really didn't think my story would inspire someone so greatly to the point where it sparked her to make a difference in her country with the Indigenous people… I feel so good," she says.

It's been a big year for Yulara, as she was also one of four Young Mob leaders involved in the 'Youthchange' process earlier this year. They joined with other youth involved in World Vision Australia's programs to share their insights and ideas for engaging young people and helped build a youth strategy. They also led Acknowledgement of Country ceremonies and spoke about their culture with World Vision Australia’s board and executives.

Liz Mackinlay, General Manager of the Australia Program, is delighted for Yulara and her triumph in Tanzania.

"I see so many possibilities for future advocacy and development opportunities for our Indigenous young people. This is a story to be truly grateful for," she says.

You can support World Vision's work with Indigenous youth with a donation to our Australia Program.