From park to playground – Warlpiri women negotiate a safe place to play

It took a bit of time to find the right place to hold the Linking Hands-supported Warlpiri Early Childhood Care and Development project playgroups.

For the largest of the Warlpiri communities, playgroup was initially held in a local park which they soon outgrew.

A local women’s group – the Early Childhood Reference group – talked to a local principal about using school grounds. Soon playgroup was moved to the new grounds, which are spacious and well-equipped with kitchen and toilet facilities.

“This one is a safe place,” says a playgroup regular with pride. “Kids can run around.”

Your support is helping Warlpiri families prepare their little kids for school. Project Facilitator Robyn says playgroup played a major role in granddaughter Ceremiah settling into school. “It is really important – [it helps] a child feel comfortable and learn education properly.”

With so many Warlpiri families attending to encourage their little kids in hands-on learning, the playgroup was officially registered as a preschool.

How you can help

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