Early childhood education making a difference for Warlpiri children

As a mother and grandmother, Marlkirdi knows how important early childhood development is.

And as a Warlpiri leader, she is especially grateful to all the generous Linking Hands donors who are helping to enable her community to run education programs for their little kids.

Marlkirdi is deputy chairperson of the Warlpiri Education and Training Trust, a local Indigenous organisation that funds and organises programs to meet needs in Warlpiri communities in the Northern Territory.

She explains that "being a part of the organisation, seeing it grow ... seeing little ones getting involved” is exciting. There is a lot to be proud of.

In 2008 the Warlpiri Education and Training Trust along with the Central Land Council invited World Vision to work with them to help set up their early childhood program. World Vision is involved in training Warlpiri people so that they will be able to run the program themselves.

Through this program, which has helped the community to set up playgroups, little kids are learning to read and count to set them up for success in school and then later in life.

Entire families are learning about the importance of good nutrition to help their children grow up strong. Parents in the community are coming together to form reference groups to make sure they have their say in how programs for their children are run.

Marlkirdi has a simple, but heartfelt message for all Australia Program supporters: "Thank you and keep donating."