What happens when 1,000 Australians stand up for girls

What happens when 1,000 Australians stand up for girls

Right now, there’s a girl dreaming of a brighter future.

She’s living in poverty, and she’s kept back by social and cultural barriers beyond her control. But that doesn’t stop her dreaming.

Millions of girls like this are scattered across the developing world – but each one deserves to reach her potential. It’s this belief that was at the heart of World Vision’s movement to sponsor 1,000 girls before International Day of the Girl (11 October).  

Help us sponsor 1,000 girls by International Day of the Girl

Since the movement began, more than one thousand Australians have joined us to help keep hope alive for girls – and it’s had amazing results.

In only two months, more than 1,533 girls have been sponsored.

That's 1,533 girls who are being helped to break the cycle of gender inequality – and thousands more dreams that can be realised. Through sponsorship, these girls can take back their childhoods and their basic rights, like education.

It’s a chance for girls to write their own futures – and it’s a fitting way to mark International Day of the Girl.

But we know this isn’t the end of the movement.


Many millions of girls still face a bleak future. In many cultures, girls are unlikely to get a chance to go to school. Instead, they are forced into domestic work – or get married before they’re adults and then are expected to get pregnant.

The odds are against them, just because they are girls. But they deserve to reach their dreams, too. By supporting World Vision’s work, you will help us continue to change the structures and barriers that keep vulnerable girls from reaching their potential.

Will you stand with us?


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