Pastor shares on transformation in India

"This is more than charity. It’s transformation.”

Matt Jacoby is a pastor at Barrabool Hills Baptist Church in Victoria. He’s also front man for Sons of Korah, the Christian band he co-founded back in 1994. He’s passionate about music and equally passionate about the Psalms – you can hear this in all the band’s lyrics.

“As a musician dedicated to the Psalms, I don’t want to just sing about it, I want to be a part of the process.”

For Matt, this process means helping to transform one of the poorest communities in Kanpur, India. To do this, about 10 years ago Sons of Korah adopted this community and encouraged their fans to help transform it through World Vision child sponsorship.

So what’s changed in Kanpur? We’ll let Matt show you in this great video he put together. It’s impressive and uplifting viewing. Enjoy!

Please join us in prayer for the children and families living in Kanpur – that God will work through World Vision to bring them fullness of life.

Sons of Korah visit Kanpur, India

Matt Jacoby visited Kanpur and saw first-hand how child sponsors are helping to lift this community out of poverty.