How a sponsor got Pedrito back on track

At age 10, Pedrito was about to drop out of school. But with help from his sponsor, he's now set for a career as a motor mechanic.

On a bright sunny day, Pedrito’s eyes glitter. His smile is wide open and he walks tall. But it wasn’t always this way.

There was a time when Pedrito, now 17, felt like he had no future. The youngest of five brothers in a family struggling with poverty, life seemed hopeless.

At just 10, Pedrito was on the verge of dropping out of school to become a full-time goat herder to support his family, who live in a small village in central Mozambique.

But through the support of generous Australian child sponsor John Williams, he’s now studying to become a motor mechanic.

John came into Pedrito’s life just as he was about to cut his education short. “I had to leave home early in the morning to graze the goats and stayed there for long hours,” Pedrito remembered.

“Quite often I couldn’t go [to] school because, after grazing the goats, I had to go and sell them.”

Because he was missing out on so much class time, Pedrito was struggling to keep his grades up. But when the sponsorship program began in his community, Pedrito gained the support he needed to concentrate on his education.

World Vision workers in his community spent time talking to families about the importance of education for their children’s future and this had a big impact on Pedrito’s parents.

“My mother and stepfather now understand the importance of going to school,” he explained. “They let me devote my time to school and revision. I no longer have to worry about grazing and selling goats and now I concentrate more on my studies.”

Pedrito is now completing second year of a mechanics training course. He lives with a foster family in the city where the training college is located, and goes home to visit his family on weekends.

“Thanks to World Vision and my sponsor I go to school every day. I dream of becoming a good and successful mechanic so that I can help my family and my community,” Pedrito continued.

“So I’ll keep working hard in order to fulfil my dream.”

John, who has visited Pedrito a number of times, shares his dream. “I would love it if one day he worked for World Vision because it would be a great opportunity for him to help other children,” he said.