Helping farmers thrive

Through agricultural development, we’re helping farmers in Papua New Guinea to find financial security.

The importance of better farming practices 

Bougainville is a small island in Papua New Guinea. Here, two thirds of people rely on agriculture for their income, with cocoa being one of the most popular crops.

Bougainville was once the most abundant producer of cocoa in Papua New Guinea. But when civil war raged for nine long years in the area, vital infrastructure was damaged, land was left forgotten and skills and knowledge were lost.

After the conflict, many families spent their time and money growing new cocoa crops. Much of the produce was unsellable, however, due to disease, over-fermentation and over-roasting. This is because Bougainville’s younger generation had not been taught proper farming techniques.

World Vision’s Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (PPAP)

World Vision first began implementing the PPAP in 2014. Funded by the Government of PNG and the PNG Cocoa Board, with support from the World Bank, the project gives farmers the knowledge and materials they need to grow better cocoa in Bougainville, as well as in East Sepik and Madang.

As part of this we have implemented a sustainable crop upgrading process for farmers – giving them access to new, more productive and resilient strains of cocoa, carried in our sustainable nurseries. At the same time, we also help farmers to rehabilitate their existing crops, ensuring an ongoing source of income as they transition to the newer crop.

They are also learning to recognise and prevent the spread of disease in their plantation, which is particularly important with the risks that the cocoa pod borer poses to the industry. The project also provides farmers with farming tools, which enable them to look after their crops more effectively.

Many locals have also received bud grafting lessons. We teach locals the skills to clone the most resilient and highest-yielding crops. Seedlings can then be sold to other members of the community – offering a sustainable income for the future. 

The benefits of agricultural development

Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project

The Autonomous Region of Bougainville was once Papua New Guinea’s most abundant producer of cocoa. Agriculture was fundamental to the local economy, but a nine-year long civil war destroyed much of the infrastructure crucial to the industry. Funded by the Papua New Guinea Cocoa Board with support from the World Bank, the Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project gives farmers the knowledge and materials they need to grow better cocoa. World Vision is the implementing NGO partner on the ground, working with government and export partners to provide farmers with training and technical skills to farmers in Bougainville, as well as in Sepik and Middle Ramu.
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How the PPAP is helping farmers



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How Timothy and Mirriam are building a better future 

Timothy and Mirriam live in a hamlet in Bougainville. Cocoa farming has been in Timothy’s family for a long time, but things have changed since the PPAP began.

Before, Timothy had trouble selling his cocoa to buyers because of poor quality. With the skills that he has learned through the PPAP, the quality of his cocoa has greatly improved. This means that more cocoa sells at the market, and Timothy and his family have higher incomes to support their children.

Timothy has also gained important relationships with cocoa buyers, who provide him with ongoing advice.

“The help from the project helps not just us but others nearby, and you can see great change happening in the community,” says Timothy.

So far, Timothy and Mirriam have used the money from their improved crops to send their children to school and buy them new clothes. The family has also begun building new houses for themselves. So far, three of Timothy’s brothers and their families have moved into their new homes and together they plan to build two more, plus another for their mother. 

Better farming benefits the community

The PPAP has brought about a significant transformation for the people of Bougainville. Our work has helped to not only create sustainable agricultural development in the area; it has also grown a sense of community.

With the training provided by the program, more and more farmers are producing better quality cocoa every day. With their higher incomes, many families are now sending their children to school, building better housing and saving money for the future.

Most importantly, the program has brought a sense of unity to Bougainville. People who once fought each other in combat are now working together to help the community. Education is bringing children better opportunities.

PPAP Konnou Project Coordinator, Stella, believes the PPAP has had a huge impact on the local community. “Through this project, we are not only teaching farmers to earn an income, we are also teaching them to save their money, make better decisions, send children to school, build houses, and improve [their] livelihoods.”

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