Goodbye MDGs. Hello Global Goals.

Support the Global Goals

On 25 September, world leaders gathered at the UN headquarters in New York to sign the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, the roadmap to end extreme poverty over the next 15 years.

The Global Goals take over from the Millennium Development Goals, through which the world has halved the number of people living in extreme poverty. That’s some achievement – but we are not done. Now the Global Goals are live, we need to make sure that world leaders, including our own, really commit to achieving them.

Individuals and groups around the world, including the Campaign for Australian Aid, were busy in September staging events to share the Global Goals with 7 billion people over seven days. 

In Sydney’s Barangaroo Reserve on 24 September, actress Deborah Mailman raised one of 17 Hero Flags representing each of the Global Goals. Other Hero Flags were raised in Denmark, by Princess Mary, and at the North Pole, and an underwater flag was raised in the Mediterranean Sea. 

“Our children's future should not bear the brunt of our complacency.” – Deborah Mailman

Earlier last month, hundreds of Australian aid supporters, including NSW Premier Mike Baird, walked together from Manly to Manado to raise awareness of the difference Australian aid makes in the world. And one of Australia’s best loved comedians, Lehmo, added his voice to the call for Australia to do more.

Through Australian aid, we’ve played an important part in saving lives and improving quality of life for millions of people through providing clean water, healthcare and education and through economic development and agriculture programs. But the largest cuts to Australian aid over the past two years mean we are no longer pulling our weight. 

The Campaign for Australian Aid is hoping our new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will turn the tide on Australia’s ever decreasing commitment to Australian aid. Back in 2009, when he was Leader of the Opposition, Mr Turnbull gave bipartisan support for Australian aid – we need to see that kind of leadership again! 

Let’s start the journey of calling on Mr Turnbull and our government to ensure Australia meets the commitment it has made to realising the Global Goals and lead our nation to deliver more and better aid.

How can you support the Global Goals? 

  • If you haven’t already, join the Campaign for Australian Aid and sign our pledge in support of the new Global Goals. 
  • Host a Global Goals dinner party to raise awareness amongst friends and family. Register to receive a host pack  for everything from recipes to a Spotify playlist for background music.
  • Take our quiz  and find out which Global Goal most speaks to you. 
    Attend a Global Goals event. Visit the new Campaign for Australian Aid website for a full list of events coming up near you. 
  • Share our MDG memes and celebrate the success we’ve had so far in reducing poverty and share the Global Goal icons to help make them famous.