There are now over one million South Sudanese refugees in Uganda

South Sudan’s civil war is in its fifth year. Tens of thousands have been killed and 1.5 million are on the brink of starvation. Every day, more South Sudanese arrive in Uganda. It now has the world’s third largest refugee population. Your support is urgently needed to maintain food assistance.

Refugees like Eva rely on food rations. But resources are stretched to breaking point

When civil war reached Eva’s village, she and her sisters ran for their lives. “We were on our way home from school when we heard gunshots,” Eva says. “I didn’t know where my parents were or if they were still alive … What kept me going was wanting to make sure my sisters were OK.”

World Vision staff make sure we receive our monthly rations, but it is hard to survive.

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Aged just 16, Eva’s now the sole caregiver for her two younger sisters, aged 12 and five. They live in Bidi Bidi – now the world’s largest refugee settlement. Often they eat just once a day.

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Empowering communities to meet their own food needs, so they can overcome poverty and hunger.

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^Food assistance is provided through programs involving a more complex understanding of people’s long-term nutritional needs and of the diverse approaches required to meet them.

On the ground in Uganda: see the impact you can make

Delivering food assistance in Bidi Bidi refugee settlement | World Vision Australia

Delivering food assistance in Bidi Bidi refugee settlement | World Vision Australia

South Sudanese refugees receive food assistance

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