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For every dollar you donate, we can deliver food up to 11 times the value of your gift.

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795 million people will go to bed hungry tonight

Around the world, too many families struggle to feed their children a nutritious meal. Through forces beyond their control, like drought or conflict, food is simply unavailable. This has a devastating impact on children’s health and wellbeing.

Eradicating hunger and malnutrition is one of the world’s most critical challenges. But we’re working on a global solution. And you have a vital role to play.


A food distribution in Central African Republic.

Join us to deliver one of the world’s largest food assistance programs 

Every year, World Vision partners with the United Nations World Food Programme. Thanks to supporters like you, last year this global food assistance program benefited over 1.1 million people.

The World Food Programme provides the food, while World Vision’s global reach and strong community relationships ensure the food is distributed to children and families who need it most.

This means that for every dollar you give, we can deliver food up to 11 times the value of your gift. It’s a powerful partnership – one that couldn’t exist without your support. 

Your gift can help provide up to 11 times its value in life-saving food assistance.^

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^ Please note, amounts shown are indicative (based on contracts in the 12-month period prior to October 2016). The price is calculated based on the cost it takes to deliver the food to all benefiting countries, divided by the total number of people receiving a monthly ration of food. Should funds raised for the Multiplying Gift Appeal exceed the amount required to fund World Vision’s work in delivering food assistance and other essential supplies provided by the World Food Programme and other United Nations agencies, World Vision will use the excess funds in other work to help communities respond to the long-term effects of food insecurity.


"We started eating only one meal a day for a few weeks, and many days ate just once every two days."

- Amandru, mother of three.

A hungry family seeks warm relief

Sumaya, 18 months, tries to feed on her mother’s milk. Her mother Amandru gently pulls her away. She has no milk. It’s been over a week since she could last breastfeed Sumaya.

Amandru is exhausted. Her husband was killed when violence erupted in South Sudan, forcing her to flee her village and hide in the bush with her children Sumaya, Ariye, aged four, and Madasi, aged six. For many months, the young family had only beans to eat. 

When she couldn’t find any more food Amandru decided to cross the Ugandan border, over 220km away. For more than four weeks they walked from morning to night. “The children are still small, so we had to rest six or seven times a day,” she said. For the entire journey, they survived by eating only a handful of peanuts each day. 

Their destination was a refugee transit centre in northern Uganda, where World Vision is partnering with the World Food Programme to provide life-saving food assistance to refugee families like Amandru’s. 

When they arrive, Amandru and her children receive their first proper meal in a long time. As they sit down to eat, a weight seems lifted from Amandru’s shoulders. The children’s faces brighten with wide smiles. It’s a warm and welcome relief for a desperately hungry family.



Amandru, Sumaya, Ariye and Madasi found relief at a refugee transit centre, supported by World Vision and the World Food Programme. 

You can be a lifeline for hungry families
Your gift will be multiplied up to 11 times to deliver life-saving food assistance to hungry children and families.

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