Generous supporters like you have helped provide millions of hungry children and families around the world with emergency food and long-term assistance which has made a BIG impact in their lives. So, we are renaming the Multiplying Gift Appeal to the Big Impact Appeal – to better represent the life-changing impact our supporters have made.

Children never ask for war

… the explosion of bombs and shooting of guns in the streets of Syria forced Catherine’s family to flee.

They never asked for their home, safety or stability to be ripped away – but the brutal conflict that engulfed their country meant it was completely out of their control. Feeling hungry and afraid, Catherine and her family were left with no choice but to escape.

This is the reality for millions of families like Catherine’s. Her family fled to a refugee settlement in Lebanon where they live in makeshift tent, sharing rations with 13 other people. They are trapped in a state of uncertainty, feeling desperate as the days grow longer and Catherine’s mother, Aysha, loses hope for her children’s future.

My children were born and raised in a tent. There is no tomorrow for them.

- Aysha, Catherine’s mother

Children like Catherine are being robbed of their childhood as they live each day with access to basics we take for granted – like food, safety and education. Without food, children can never reach their full potential and become trapped in a cycle of poverty causing long-term, generational damage.

Catherine’s future is at a standstill – but you can help continue her story.

Lost in South Sudan

No child chooses a life of loss and devastation. 14-year-old Lucia and her nine-year-old little sister Jackline never expected they would lose their mum and dad or be forced to flee by themselves at such a young age.  

But being from war-torn South Sudan meant they had no other option but to seek safety in neighbouring Uganda. When the sound of gunshots reached their community and Lucia couldn’t find their parents, the girls knew it was time to run.  

They walked for a month to find safety but felt scared after hearing horrific tales of young girls being abducted. But finally, they reached the border of Uganda and were welcomed by World Vision staff who provided the girls with shelter and a warm meal.

You can help provide children like Lucia and Jackline with help in times of crisis.

Help continue a child's story

The difference supporters like you made in 2018

Emergency food

We distributed 52,246 metric tonnes of food to families in desperate need.

Food and cash for assets

91,823 people were given food or cash in exchange for building long-term community assets.

Tools to overcome hunger

We reached 4,038,647 people with both short-term and long-term food assistance programming.

Your donation can help provide 18 times more impact in food assistance

Your generosity helps us increase our impact around the world. Through our partnership with the UN World Food Programme, the value of your donation can now be multiplied 18 times, meaning we can make a bigger difference than ever before! We have expanded our programming footprint and the costs to deliver our programs has reduced.

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^Food assistance is provided through programs involving a more complex understanding of people’s long-term nutritional needs and of the diverse approaches required to meet them.

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