Australians are making a big impact

Over one million people reached with food assistance

Last year, Australians like you helped to deliver urgent food assistance through one of the world's largest food programs. 

The difference supporters like you made in 2017


You helped us reach








enabling urgent relief and lasting change

This was possible due to our partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme, whom we’ve worked with for more than two decades. The United Nations Food Programme delivers food and supplies like rice, beans and cooking oil, and we use our development expertise to deliver comprehensive food assistance programming.

This includes initiatives such as providing farming and livelihoods training to help families generate more reliable incomes.

Nutritious school meals are also delivered to encourage attendance and learning to give children the best opportunity to get out of poverty.

In South Sudan, mother-of-five Veronica receives monthly food rations

I never knew of World Vision before, but everyone knows them now – they have kept us alive and given us food, a tent, a place for the children to play …

Lives changed in food assistance 

Here are some of the ways supporters like you are making a difference.


We have provided 16,612 children and 5,684 mothers with supplementary foods to help combat malnutrition. 


We have distributed high-yielding drought-resistant seeds to 3,000 refugees and host community members so people can produce their own food.


We have helped 127,328 people suffering food shortages and assisted in keeping children in school. 

Through this year's Big Impact Appeal, you can help provide urgently needed emergency food to families like Veronica's and help empower communities to meet their own needs – fighting hunger for the long term. 

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^Food assistance is provided through programs involving a more complex understanding of people’s long-term nutritional needs and of the diverse approaches required to meet them.

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