Young humanitarians make 'lemon-aid'

Rowan and Kirra Lewis were listening to their three children as they flicked through the World Vision Australia Gift Catalogue.

"Mum, we want to buy a well for the kids," said eight-year-old Elijah, pointing to the water and sanitation photo.

"Okay," said Kirra, "how are you going to raise the money?"

"What about a lemonade stand?" said six-year-old Asher. "And then we can give the money to Mr 'Stello [Tim Costello, World Vision Australia Chief Executive]," added four-year-old Aliya, proudly.

The kids convinced mum Kirra they were serious, and set about making a sign for their stand.

Kirra shared the young activists' plans on her Facebook page and oversaw the lemonade-making, but left the three children to organise and promote the day themselves.

As the result of only two lemonade stands, the Lewis family managed to raise over $700! Kirra said the actions of neighbours, friends and people driving past their home have been nothing short of fabulous.

"We've had people leaving notes in the letterbox, dropping envelopes off, saying 'This is for the kids' lemonade stand – tell them they're doing an awesome job!' It's been such a wonderful thing for them to see, the generosity of others in responding to their plan. We even had people taking one cup of lemonade but dropping a $50 note into the kids' tin!"

The children also dropped by the World Vision office, where their mum works, to set up a pop-up stand and raise more for their cause.

They think they’re maybe one or two more stands away from their target of $1,425. Then, as Aliya says, it will be time to "give the money to Mr 'Stello".