Indigenous Empowerment Gifts

Indigenous Empowerment Gifts

These gifts come with the power to support Indigenous Australian communities to create sustainable change and reach shared goals. With gifts including Early learning for Indigenous children, Maternal health education and Job training for Indigenous women, your gift can help empower Indigenous Australians to provide vital services to their communities and ensure their children live long, healthy lives. 

Indigenous boy playing with gift

Toys for learning

Help children become school ready with the gift of educational toys for playgroups. Chosen to stimulate young minds and prepare them for a future of successful learning. The power of play can:

  • create a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning;
  • encourage early childhood development; and
  • help to develop learning behaviours early in life while creating a fun environment.

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Indigenous toddler playing with gifts

Early learning for Indigenous children

Community playgroups conducted in both traditional language and English to support “both-ways” learning are vital to early childhood support and education. Your gift will help Indigenous children get the best start in life.

  • Playgroups are locally run and offer support to parents while assisting young Indigenous children in reaching their developmental milestones.
  • Young children are engaged in “both-ways” learning where education and play are conducted in both traditional language and English.
  • Such an investment in a child’s early years is a long-term investment in their future.

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Aboriginal mother with son

Maternal health education

Give support to Indigenous mothers and young children through maternal health education. Effectively linking trained local health professionals with early childhood services helps to raise vibrant, strong and healthy children while educating and caring for mothers.

  • Imparts education around breastfeeding, diet and nutrition and disease prevention throughout pregnancy.
  • Teaches birth preparedness to expectant mothers.
  • Offers access to life-saving maternal health services.

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Aboriginal women trained teacher

Job training for Indigenous women

Help Indigenous Australian women gain the skills and knowledge required to become early childhood development workers. Through training and mentoring, Indigenous Australian women can provide a crucial service in their communities while guiding future generations.

  • This gifts helps to empower Indigenous Australian women through education and guidance.
  • As early childhood development workers, Indigenous Australian women can support children in learning about their language and culture while reaching essential child development milestones.
  • Trained early childhood development workers deliver an essential service that supports the personal growth of children and families in their communities.

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Teenager observing indigenous gift

Cultural connection

Help reconnect urban Indigenous youth with their culture and empower them with the tools to lead. Supporting personal growth, this gift helps Indigenous youth build life skills, learn from community elders and fulfil their potential. Help forge a brighter future for young Indigenous Australians.

  • Helps to inspire future leaders and role models within schools and communities.
  • To forge a cultural identity is central to the emotional and social wellbeing of Indigenous youth.
  • Helps to shape an environment where confidence is built, difficulties challenged and their culture is experienced firsthand.

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Foundations for lifelong learning

Children carrying donated goat


In 13 remote locations across Australia, World Vision is partnering with First Nations communities to run playgroups for children aged 0-5. These are places where access to early childhood education is a critical need. 

Alongside parents and caregivers, trained playgroup facilitators are helping to prepare young First Nations children for big school.  

By using toys for learning, the children begin to recognise letters and numbers, learn routine and how to focus on tasks.  

Jaidene is among mothers attending the Jigalong Playgroup with her toddler Josephine. The pair have been coming to playgroup since Josephine was a newborn. 

“I like Josephine to play with the other kids and for myself, to catch up with the other mothers,” explained Jaidene. 

“First Josephine was shy, now she isn’t. She’s getting to know the other kids. She talks more too. She is starting to share, yeah, she’s learnt how to share ... Since coming to playgroup, I sing to Josephine now, and read her books at home.” 

The playgroups prioritise “both ways” learning, which is strong in mainstream approaches to education as well as ensuring the children also learn in their native language and about their traditional culture. 

When you purchase a gift to empower Indigenous Australians, you will be supporting First Nations families and communities to lead their own development and build a brighter future for their children.  


The impact of your donation


playgroup sessions and 20 family bush trips were delivered in 10 communities in Western Australia in 2018.


Indigenous Australian women are employed in World Vision-supported early childhood development services and 23 are in training.


schools in NSW and Victoria engaged in our Young Mob program in 2018, with 388 students taking part.

Gift card the goat

For every gift purchased, you’ll receive a beautiful card to give to your friends and family that describes how their gift is helping children and communities in need.