How gifts work

With World Vision Gifts, you're not only giving your family and friends something special; you're also giving a chance to people who really need it. Long after you've given your gift, it will be valued by both the people you give them to and the communities they benefit.

How Gifts Work

Nana Judy loves to give her family World Vision Gifts. It means she can share a meaningful gift with loved ones, and help children and families in need.

How your gifts will change lives

Each World Vision Gift represents an area of World Vision's work. For example, when you buy a goat, tools for farmers or fast-growing seeds, you're supporting our family income and food security work - which goes towards this life-changing work and other programming we do in this sector. By pooling our gifts into our areas of work, donations have the most impact they can, going where a community needs them most.

When you buy a life-changing charity gift from World Vision, you're actually giving a gift that symbolises important development work in specific sectors such as agriculture, health, water and sanitation. For example, if you buy a piglet, you're donating to a community's agricultural and farming projects. If you buy mosquito nets for a family, you're contributing to a community's health projects. After decades of experience, World Vision has found this is the most effective way to really help a community and be sure funds go where they are most needed within sectors.

Should we receive contributions in excess of the needs in a particular category, we will use the excess in other categories represented by gift items in the World Vision Gifts catalogue.


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4. Your gift is done!