High Impact Gifts

Help empower communities to build life-changing foundations for the future.

High Impact Gifts

Help empower communities to build life-changing foundations for the future.

These high impact gifts help deliver life-changing programs and services to vulnerable communities around the world. Through your generosity, children and families can gain the resources, knowledge and skills to lift themselves out of poverty. You can choose gifts with the power to educate, nourish or protect, such as Immunisation for 3,800 babies, Improved farming and nutrition for 279 people or A year of education for 184 children. Grassroots change begins with your gift selection.

55 children at school - High impact

A year of curriculum for 55 school children

Gift 55 children with access to quality education, the opportunity to learn basic maths, literacy and life skills for an entire year. A powerful tool to empower families to lift themselves out of poverty, education drives sustainable change and builds a solid foundation for children to flourish.

  • Education helps to equip students with the skills required to increase their future income and job prospects.
  • Access to quality education helps break the cycle of generational poverty through literacy and life skills.
  • Education empowers girls with the self-confidence to marry later and raise fewer children, effectively reducing the risk of child marriages.

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Happy mother after baby immunisation

Immunisation for 3,800 babies under 12 months

Give 3,800 children the gift of health and protection from life threatening disease including polio and tuberculosis. Immunisation saves the lives of more children than any other medical intervention in the last 50 years, delivering protection and a healthier future for the world’s most vulnerable. A vital gift, you’ll help create a future where young children can thrive into healthy young adults.

  • Immunisation provides an effective defence against disease for whole communities.
  • A critical health intervention, childhood immunisation protects the child, family and community.
  • Children lead longer, healthier lives as their immune systems fight infection and disease more effectively.

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Framers showing healthy vegetables - high impact

Improved farming and nutrition for 279 people

Improve crop and livestock production for 279 farmers and their families with a gift that enables farmers to gain the skills and resources needed to increase the quantity and quality of their produce. This gift empowers 279 farming families to meet their household nutrition needs through bigger, bountiful harvests and create sustainable futures for their children and the greater community.

  • Improved production allows farmers to bring to market excess produce and sustain an additional income source.
  • More bountiful harvests contribute to families meeting the nutritional needs of their children all year round.
  • Additional income enables families to provide their children with education and healthcare services.

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Children excited with clean water tap

Clean water supply for 24 communities

Enable children and families to thrive with access to clean, safe water. Create a ripple effect that will help 24 communities install borehole pumps and gain access to clean water. When you choose this gift you will help protect children from diseases including cholera and diarrhoea while ensuring they no longer need to trek long distances to collect water and can focus on school and their education.

  • Young girls are more likely to attend school on a regular basis when given access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities.
  • Clean water reduces the risk of waterborne diseases, helping young children flourish.
  • Communities thrive as clean water drives economic growth through farming activities and other agricultural business operations.

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Children in temporary school on crisis area - High impact

Classroom construction for children in crisis

In a time of crisis and emergency, education helps to provide children with stability, structure and hope for the future. With this gift you will help build three classrooms for children displaced by crisis or natural disaster. Not only a place of education, the classroom offers a safe space where vulnerable children can learn and gain the life skills needed to reclaim their childhood and recover from their experience.

  • Help provide vulnerable children with access to education, including literacy, basic maths and reading.
  • Enable children to learn in a safe space where they feel valued and secure.
  • Provide children in need with an outlet to recover their childhood through education.

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Climate smart agriculture helps Felistus revive her farm

High impact gift solar panels

Felistus, a mother of two, lives in Kenya. She is a member of a local farmer organisation being supported through a project to empower farming communities to restore the environment and increase their incomes. 

Felistus has learned climate-smart farming approaches, such as rainwater harvesting, micro-irrigation and soil conservation. “Before the project my farm was completely bare. Before I used to plant trees and they would dry off,” she recalls. 

As a “model farmer”, chosen by the project to teach other farmers what she has learned, Felistus has been supported to establish a farm pond with a solar powered water pump. This enables her to capture water run-off and irrigate her crops all year round. Her fruit trees are now thriving. “I now have 40 mango trees, 25 pawpaw and several banana trees.” 

When you purchase from our selection of high impact gifts, you will be helping to create lasting change on a significant scale for parents like Felistus and their children all around the world.

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farmers have benefited from the Drylands Development Programme in Kenya, of which World Vision is a key funding partner alongside the Dutch Government.

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Every 60 seconds a family gains the tools to overcome poverty through World Vision.

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people took part in our projects focused on improving livelihoods during 2016-17.

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For every gift purchased, you’ll receive a beautiful card to give to your friends and family that describes how their gift is helping children and communities in need.