Women’s Empowerment Gifts

Empower women at a grassroots level to affect change in their communities.

Women’s Empowerment Gifts

Empower women at a grassroots level to affect change in their communities.

Educated and healthy women are change makers, advocates for child wellbeing and central to strong families and well-functioning communities. These gifts come with the power to provide women and girls with the skills and opportunities to reach their goals and lead positive change.

newborn using essential gifts

Newborn essentials

Providing warmth and comfort in the first crucial days of life, the newborn essentials gift includes a bassinet, nappies, a blanket and soap to help give a newborn the best start in life. Enable a new mum to care for her infant, keeping them clean, secure and healthy.

  • Bassinets create a safe, secure resting and sleeping space.
  • Blankets keep newborns warm and comfortable particularly in freezing temperatures.
  • Clean nappies help to protect newborns from disease by ensuring optimal hygienic conditions.

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Woman sawing using WVA training

Help a woman start a business

Invest in female entrepreneurship and help equip a woman with the skills and knowledge to succeed. Providing access to low-cost loans, women are able to start a small business, create additional jobs in their community and provide for their children. Helping a woman to start a new business can lead to:

  • lifting families out of poverty as children benefit from access to education and healthcare services;
  • economic growth throughout the community through the creation of extra jobs; and
  • financial independence where women can save and improve the health and wellbeing of their family.

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teenager using gift bike

A bicycle for a girl

Provide young girls and women with a sense of safety and freedom when you gift a bicycle. Young girls are more likely to attend school, pursue their education, avoid walking long distances alone and be empowered to work safely. A bicycle has the power to:

  • offer a sense of safety, liberty and independence for young girls;
  • provide easier access to secondary education helping children to break free from poverty; and
  • ensure a safe mode of transport when cycling to school or collecting water.

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Aboriginal teacher

Job training for Indigenous women

Empower Indigenous Australian women through training and mentoring to become early childhood development workers. Gaining the skills and knowledge required to help provide a critical service in their communities while inspiring the minds of future generations.

  • Indigenous women can nurture young children to grow in awareness regarding their native language and culture, while reaching vital child development milestones.
  • Job training empowers Indigenous Australian women through learning.
  • Trained early childhood workers deliver an essential service to the children in their communities.

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Young woman at school using gifts programs

Send a girl to school

Help inspire the minds of young girls through the power of education. Lifting families out of poverty, young girls can imagine a future where they have a good job, higher income and access to healthcare services to improve the health and wellbeing of their family and community. The education of girls will:

  • empower young women to shape the future life they wish to lead;
  • assist young women in gaining skills, information and self-confidence to be a better employee, parent and member of her community; and
  • invest in the economic growth of a skilled and healthier workforce while creating jobs in the greater community.

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Women gain strength working together

South Sudan womens vegetable garden using gifts donations

In South Sudan, Athiang and fellow members of the savings group in her village used to collect water from a river an hour’s walk away from home. Through a World Vision project focused on improving local service delivery, a borehole was drilled in the village. Clean water is now within a 2-3-minute reach. 

With water close at hand, the savings group members were able to set up a community vegetable garden and they have time to carefully tend it now they don’t have to trek to the river every day. The women grow rocket, okra and tomatoes which they sell at the market. The profits are shared equally among group members which they use to buy household items or pay for their children’s education. 

By saving money and working together, these women have gained the strength to withstand setbacks and to keep moving forward for their families’ wellbeing. 

When you choose women’s empowerment gifts, you are helping to keep gender on the agenda and provide women and girls with the resources and support to reimagine their futures.


The impact of your donation


of recipients of microloans World Vision provides through Vision Fund International are women.


An extra year of primary education boosts girls’ future earning potential by 10-20 percent.


Australia First Nations women supported by World Vision were employed in early childhood development in 2018 and 23 were in training.

Gift card the goat

For every gift purchased, you’ll receive a beautiful card to give to your friends and family that describes how their gift is helping children and communities in need.