Disaster Relief Gifts

Supporting children and families when disaster strikes

Disaster Relief Gifts

Supporting children and families when disaster strikes

When natural disaster or conflict strikes, World Vision can be on the ground within 24-72 hours providing humanitarian assistance with your support. This selection of disaster relief gifts offers comfort to children and families at their most vulnerable. Each gift has the power to help save lives, providing vital support as communities recover and rebuild.

Chicken and eggs gift

Blankets to keep warm

The gift of blankets is a gift of warmth and protection for those subjected to freezing temperatures while providing comfort to children and families in times of crisis such as conflict and disaster.

  • Helps provide protection to street children and children in need from the bitter winter cold.
  • Offers a welcome source of warmth for those made homeless by displacement and disaster.
  • Provides a sense of security and warmth to newborns and children of all ages.

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Chicken and eggs gift

Solar lanterns

Solar lanterns help refugees in an emergency illuminate a path to safety while providing security and shining a light so young children can study and maintain their learning in times of crisis. The gift of a solar lantern can:

  • offer a sense of comfort and safety in times of upheaval;
  • encourage children to remain in school by providing light so that students can study at night; and
  • help reduce kerosene consumption which leads to a reduction in emissions.

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a girl with a goat

Emergency food for children

In partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme, World Vision delivers one of the world’s largest food assistance programs to provide emergency food during humanitarian crisis and natural disaster to young children in need. Through this gift you can help reduce and prevent malnutrition in young children, increase their chances of survival, recover, grow and thrive.

  • Help empower families to build food security for their children.
  • Your gift will distribute essentials such as wheat, beans and rice as well as other nutrient rich supplements for young children and their entire families.
  • Meet the urgent needs of children and families affected by trauma, conflict or disaster.

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Chicken and eggs gift

Emergency medical kits

Give a gift with the power to help heal children during a crisis situation. The emergency medical kit offers critical items such as antiseptic, band-aids and bandages to help children and their families treat abrasions, minor cuts, bruises, prevent infection and provide comfort and care for children in an emergency.

  • A comprehensive emergency kit, it provides immediate relief and care while helping to prevent infection.
  • The kit features antiseptic, band-aids and bandages to provide care and comfort to injured children.
  • Provides relief to survivors of humanitarian disaster or conflict when most needed.

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children walking through crop

Emergency shelter

Give the gift of emergency shelter and provide refuge to keep children and families safe, dry and together when disaster strikes. Not only a shelter but a safe sanctuary where families can recover and begin to rebuild their lives.

  • Features shelter materials to help restore a family’s dignity and sense of security in times of upheaval.
  • Temporary housing offers a safe space for young children.
  • Emergency shelter is essential to basic survival particularly in areas affected by monsoon season.

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Nurturing life in refugee camp 

Mother and son with emergency meal pack

As violence erupted in Myanmar in August 2017, Jaheda and her family were among 700,000 Rohingya refugees to flee into neighbouring Bangladesh. Jaheda was heavily pregnant and gave birth to Minara, now 19 months, as they escaped the conflict.  

With no food for herself, Jaheda struggled to breastfeed her baby. “When I arrived in Bangladesh, she was about to die,” recalled Jaheda. “People were telling me, ‘your daughter will not live’. I thought, ‘Oh my god, am I going to lose my baby?’” 

Jaheda took Minara to a World Vision nutrition centre in the camp at Cox’s Bazar where her family found refuge. Minara was given Plumpy’Sup, a ready-to-use high energy food specially designed to treat acute malnutrition. After 10 visits over five months, Minara began to thrive. She was happy, healthy and playful. 

“She had moderate acute malnutrition. Now she’s cured,” says Mainuddin a World Vision nutrition team leader.  

When you choose a gift like Emergency food for children, you can help save the lives of children like Minara in crisis hotspots all around the world and help restore hope for families who have lost everything.


The impact of your donation


This is how many emergencies we responded to in 2018.


people affected by disasters receive help through World Vision every day on average. 


World Vision disaster specialists are stationed in over 100 countries, ready to respond within hours when emergency strikes. 

Gift card the goat

For every gift purchased, you’ll receive a beautiful card to give to your friends and family that describes how their gift is helping children and communities in need.