Education and Schooling Gifts

Empower vulnerable children through education

Education and Schooling Gifts

Empower vulnerable children through education

Remove the barriers to quality education for children around the world. Empower young girls and boys to gain maths and literacy skills and help create safe learning spaces. When you choose education gifts, you partner with World Vision and communities in need to address gender inequality, stimulate economic growth and provide vulnerable young people with income earning opportunities.

Children smiling using pencil gift

School pencils

Educational items such as school pencils enable children to write, achieve learning goals and open their minds to a world of infinite possibilities. The power of a school pencil can:

  • contribute to the development of fine motor skills in younger children;
  • inspire children to learn how to write; and
  • encourage children to attend school, building the foundation for a brighter future.

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young woman holding community saving box gift

Community savings box

Training members of a community in financial awareness is an empowering experience. A gift of a Community savings box inspires a community to save money and lend savings to each other, invest in their children and family’s future while sharing in the profits together. Communal savings can help lift families out of poverty by:

  • providing isolated rural populations with access to financial services;
  • improving household income and access to health and education services; and
  • developing the infrastructure of the local community.

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Girls holding  given school books

School books

Help create a brighter future for a child with the gift of schoolbooks. Vital for a child’s learning journey, textbooks reinforce lessons, assist in studying for exams and impart the knowledge and skills needed to build a future full of possibilities.

  • School books provide a rich tapestry of learning outcomes to children and young adults.
  • Through education, children and families can reduce poverty and improve vocational outcomes for vulnerable children living in areas of need.
  • Ensuring access to schoolbooks helps keep students in school, benefiting themselves and their families.

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Girl holding soccer ball

Sports equipment

Sports equipment provides fun and fitness that benefits children and young adults of all ages. Equipment such as soccer balls helps to improve the physical and mental health of children while encouraging social skills through hours of healthy fun with friends and family.

  • Helps nurture future sporting champions in countries across the globe.
  • Sports equipment inspires children to be active and participate while benefiting from the physical benefits of exercise.
  • Encourages healthy socialisation and development.

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Teacher smiling

Train a teacher

Empower children through learning when you give a gift that helps train a teacher. Education has the power to break the cycle of poverty for a child and family, encourage learning and help them gain a good education. Unlock literacy for children in need and inspire them to pursue the job of their dreams and contribute to the growth of their community.

  • Teachers inspire a love of learning and provide children with a pathway to their future.
  • Unlock literacy and basic math skills to encourage students to reach their potential.
  • Trained teachers support the school infrastructure and help keep young girls in education longer.

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The chance to learn and have fun again

young Rohingya refugee Jannatulat kinder

Having fled conflict in Myanmar with her mother, young Rohingya refugee Jannatul*, aged five, found refuge in a camp at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. She now attends classes at a World Vision child-friendly space.  

Her teacher Farjana, aged 20, teaches the children rhymes and the alphabet. Jannatul is one of Farjana’s favourite students. “She attends the child-friendly space every day,” says Farjana. “She concentrates on her studies and when I teach them something, she follows me carefully.”  

Farjana teaches five days a week and she loves her co-workers. “One thing I like, there is more support for facilitators ... At World Vision, everyone is like a brother or sister.”  

Coming to the child-friendly space and learning together is vital for children like Jannatul who have had their world turned upside down. “When they came, they had seen so many bad things in front of their eyes. When they are here, they can forget those things. They can have fun,” adds Farjana. 

She has hopes for Jannatul’s future. “As she has faced so much and lost her father, I hope she will be a good person and educated to do something for her family.” 

When you purchase gifts that support education, you will be helping to provide vulnerable children like Jannatul with the chance to gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. 

* Name changed to protect identity.

The impact of your donation


teachers accessed training through the World Vision global partnership in 2016-17.

1.7 million

children in 27 countries have improved their reading skills through our Unlock Literacy program. 


10.5 million

children were reached with education programs and services through World Vision in 2017.

Gift card the goat

For every gift purchased, you’ll receive a beautiful card to give to your friends and family, one that describes how their gift is helping children and communities in need.