Clean water gifts

Help protect children and communities against deadly waterborne diseases.

Clean water gifts

Help protect children and communities against deadly waterborne diseases.

These gifts come with the power of health and hydration! Help protect a community from deadly waterborne diseases, improve sanitation facilities and help educate families on hygiene. We are committed to ensuring that everyone, everywhere we work has access to clean water and sanitation by 2030. You can be a part of this incredible impact. 

Clean drinking water for children

Clean drinking water

Help provide access to 10,000 litres of clean water every day to children, families and communities across the globe. Protecting children from disease, this gift will help keep them healthy and enable them to attend school rather than trek for miles in the search of water. Truly a gift with the power to cause a ripple effect for generations to come.

  • World Vision is reaching one new person with clean water every 10 seconds.
  • Helps protect against waterborne diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera.
  • Provides improved sanitation and hygiene for all children while helping young girls stay in school longer.

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girls handwashing, gift

Handwashing stations

Help keep children healthy through access to clean water and handwashing stations in schools. This gift will help prevent the spread of disease, improve school attendance and encourage lifelong hygiene habits.

  • Teaching children healthy hygiene habits helps to prevent diseases including cholera, Ebola, diarrhoea and respiratory infections.
  • Easy and safe access to clean water and handwashing stations helps limit school days, helping to keep children in school longer.
  • Improved sanitation and hygiene is promoted by schools through teaching children in an engaging way that provides sustainable, long-term benefits for the entire school and community.

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Girls at school toilet gift

School toilets

Access to school toilets and hygiene education provides improved sanitary conditions for children while protecting girls from harm. Not only do school toilets support better learning and encourage young women to feel comfortable attending school, the gift of school toilets can:

  • promote education through access to improved sanitary conditions;
  • assist children in learning basic hygiene practices, improving their health and limiting the amount of sick days due to bouts of diarrhoea; and
  • encourage young women to stay in school when they reach puberty by ensuring a safe, private space to maintain their dignity.

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Girls using sanitised water gift

Water and sanitation

Digging boreholes to build toilets and provide access to clean water can help prevent the spread of disease and support women and children in focusing on a brighter, healthier future.

  • Clean water and improved sanitation helps to improve access to clean, safe drinking water and hygiene facilities.
  • Communities are empowered through access to their own natural source of clean water, removing the need for women and children to trek miles to fetch water each day.
  • Easy access to fresh, clean water helps keep children in school longer, particularly young adolescent women as toilets offer a safe, private space otherwise not available.

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children walking through crop

Clean water for a community

Help to protect a community from deadly waterborne diseases with clean water. This gift has the power to repair water pumps, sink new wells, build toilets and provide hygiene education to create a healthier environment and future for children and their community.

  • This gift provides access to fresh, safe drinking water and sanitation helping to keep young children healthy.
  • Provides boreholes, water tanks, toilets, taps, well and sewage infrastructure.
  • Encourages economic growth by supporting crop production and sustainable livelihoods.

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Clean water lifts a huge burden from Naomi’s shoulders

Children carrying donated goat

“Knowing I had to get water again tomorrow tortured me,” says Naomi 24, a mother of three young children from a remote village in Kenya. Naomi would trek 2-3 kilometres a day to fetch dirty water, leaving home at 3am and waiting at the water source for hours, sometimes not returning until 6pm. Navigating treacherous conditions such as slipping into the pond and drowning, Naomi was aware the water may be contaminated, putting the health of her children, her livelihood and livestock at risk.  

Life changed when World Vision installed a borehole, storage tank, water kiosk and pipeline system in her community. This essential infrastructure now serves more than 2,000 people as well as four schools. Naomi no longer has to trek for hours, putting her life at risk, and her children and animals have clean, safe water.  

“We’re now comfortable; we’re not stressed anymore,” Naomi says. “We can spend more time cooking for our children, cleaning in the house, and there’s more time available to go the [market].” 

When you purchase clean water gifts, you can bring life’s essential ingredients to more vulnerable children and communities around the world and help solve the global water crisis once and for all.

The impact of your donation


World Vision is the largest non-government provider of clean water in the developing world.

4 million

people gained access to clean water through the World Vision global partnership in 2018 and 2.8 million people gained access to improved sanitation.


That’s how many children’s lives could be saved each year by improving clean water access, sanitation and hygiene in poor communities. 

gift card clean water

For every gift purchased, you’ll receive a beautiful card to give to your friends and family that describes how their gift is helping children and communities in need.