Bring lifelong change to communities across the world.


Bring lifelong change to communities across the world.

Be part of long-term, sustainable change for children and communities in need when you select a World Vision bundle gift. With the power to change a world, these life-changing gifts help keep children and families healthy, educated and nourished. Perfect for sharing with family and friends.

Children using pencil gift

Family favourites

Help empower a family with a range of gifts chosen to help give children a healthy start in life, families the opportunity to develop a livelihood and the much-needed security of a sustainable food source. This bundle features:

  • 2 x School pencils
  • 2 x Chickens and eggs
  • 2 x Fast-growing seeds

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Smiling girl with emergency blanket gift

Emergency Pack

Give a gift with the power to bring relief and comfort to children who are recovering from natural disaster and humanitarian crisis. Items featured help to put a child’s safety, well-being and future first in an emergency context.
This bundle includes:

  • 1 x Blankets to keep warm
  • 1 x Solar lanterns
  • 1 x Comfort toys
  • 1 x Emergency food for children

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Happy children looking at gift goat

Farmyard friends

A great range of gifts chosen for their ability to deliver maximum impact for vulnerable children and their families. This trio can help provide a family in need with an ongoing source of nutritious milk, offspring to sell for income and the foundations of a thriving farm business. Give the bundle as a single gift or split between family and friends to share the spirit of generosity. This bundle includes:

  • 1 x A piglet
  • 2 x A Goat
  • 3 x Chickens and eggs

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Kids playing with crown gifts

Top 5 bestsellers

This selection of favourites can help bring lifelong change to communities around the world through gifts like access to clean water, food, healthcare and education. This gift will also help provide families with nutritious food like milk and eggs that can become a renewable income stream. This bundle includes:

  • 1 x A goat
  • 1 x A piglet
  • 1 x Chickens and eggs
  • 1 x Clean drinking water
  • 1 x Childhood immunisation

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School kids hugging and smiling

Top 10 bestsellers

Our 10 most popular gifts will help bring lifelong change to children and communities across the globe. Providing a healthy, nutritious future and sustainable livelihoods for families and their communities. This bundle includes:

  • 1 x A goat
  • 1 x Chickens and eggs
  • 1 x Clean drinking water
  • 1 x Childhood immunisation
  • 1 x A piglet
  • 1 x Train a teacher
  • 1 x Send a girl to school
  • 1 x A fish farm
  • 1 x Fast-growing seeds
  • 1 x Help a woman start a business

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Goats help make a mother’s dreams come true

Golapi and her daughter smiling holding gift goats

Golapi lives with her husband and two daughters in Dinajpur district, Bangladesh. She once struggled to provide for her family. But with the support of generous World Vision supporters, Golapi’s dreams of education for her children and owning a family home are coming to fruition.  

Golapi received goats through a livelihoods project and she tends them every day with her daughter Moslima. The goats have provided her family with a new income source, as their offspring can be sold in the marketplace. In addition, they provide nutrition-rich milk that helps to keep the children strong and healthy.  

This young mother is now a shining example in her village, creating a sustainable livelihood for her family and contributing to economic development in her community. 

When you purchase a World Vision bundle gift, your impact spreads further than you could ever imagine, helping families like Golapi’s to change their lives and futures.

The impact of your donation


That’s how many cups of nutritious milk one dairy goat can produce in a day.

4 million+

children and young people gained educational opportunities through the World Vision global partnership in 2017. 


metric tonnes of emergency food supplies were distributed by World Vision in 2018.

Gift card the goat

For every gift purchased, you’ll receive a beautiful card to give to your friends and family that describes how their gift is helping children and communities in need.