Animals & Agriculture Gifts

Empowering people out of poverty through sustainable livelihoods and vital nutrition

Animals & Agriculture Gifts

Empowering people out of poverty through sustainable livelihoods and vital nutrition

These gifts come with the power to provide nutritious food for children, create sustainable livelihoods and help families break the poverty cycle. With your generosity, World Vision can help poorly resourced farmers cultivate food security for children and families in their communities. From goats that provide 11,000 litres of milk to chickens producing up to 1,000 eggs a year, when you donate farm animals, you’re investing in the future of a family.

Chicken and eggs gift

Chicken and Eggs

Two chickens can provide a family with up to 1,000 eggs per year, a protein source, strong muscles, and income opportunities to help create brighter futures for the next generation. The chicken or the egg? Regardless of which came first, they provide:

  • A nutritional nest egg that contributes nutrition, 1,000 eggs and an income stream.
  • Easy breeding, so your gift grows and multiplies.
  • Access to education, health and food for children, families and whole communities.

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Chicken and eggs gift

A fish farm

A fish farm can provide a family with a renewable income stream, high value produce to sell and an ongoing source of nutritious food keeping children healthy and strong. Not only an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals, a fish farm:

  • Provides a sustainable source of income and food.
  • Supports economic growth for entire communities.
  • Increases individual household income so that families can afford to send their children to school

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a girl with a goat

A goat

A dairy goat can provide a family with 11,000 litres of milk, essential nutrients, strong and healthy bones, fertilise crops for vegetable production and income to help build a long-term investment strategy. Hardworking and huggable, a goat can:

  • Empower a family to lift themselves out of poverty.
  • Provide vulnerable children with nutritious milk and calcium to support their overall health and wellbeing.
  • Deliver economic benefits to rural families such as extra income to spend on health, education.

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Chicken and eggs gift

A piglet

A piglet can help a family grow a thriving business as she becomes a sow, producing up to 12 piglets a year. Pigs offer a rich source of fertiliser to help with successful vegetable farming while providing children and families with improved health and nutrition in a sustainable way. Pigs reproduce quickly and provide:

  • Self-sufficiency for families as breeding creates an additional income stream.
  • Access to education, healthcare and nutritious food for children.
  • Additional income opportunities to create stronger, healthier livelihoods for entire communities.

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children walking through crop

Sustainable food for life

Help create long-term sustainable food security for a child and family with power-packed items such as fast-growing seeds, fruit trees, farming tools and a fish farm to help set up a family with a reliable source of nutritious food and much-needed income stream.

  • Fast-growing seeds that enable a family to grow their own vegetables and crops.
  • Fruit trees that provide children with a sweet source of nutrition.
  • Farming tools to help harvest the crops in an efficient manner.
  • A fish farm to help provide a family with a renewable income stream.

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Goats bringing education to students in southern Zambia

Children carrying donated goat

Sponsored child, Sydeny, six, is one of 69 students sharing two classrooms at a primary school in southern Zambia. Having previously struggled to provide an education for their children, Sydeny’s parents Sheba and Atfellow’s lives were changed when World Vision provided the family with five goats. 

Since the family started raising goats, Atfellow says their lives have improved a lot. While drought is causing hunger throughout their community, nutritious milk, as well as the children’s schooling, is assured. “We look to goats to save us from that. We can always sell a goat to pay school fees,” says Atfellow. 

"We want them to go to school so they’ll be independent,” says Sheba. For young Sydeny he likes the goats and likes to drink milk. “I drink milk every day, and I can milk a goat too. It’s not hard,” he says. 

When you purchase animals and agriculture gifts, you’re helping to provide families with the resources and skills to grow nutritious food for their children and transform their farms into profitable businesses.

The impact of your donation


of the world’s poor live in rural areas and rely on farming for food and incomes. 


producer groups in 36 countries are enabling farmers to access local markets more effectively. 


Vulnerable people in South Sudan are receiving tools, improved seeds and training through World Vision so they can grow more food.

Gift card the goat

For every gift purchased, you’ll receive a beautiful card to give to your friends and family that describes how their gift is helping children and communities in need.