Youth and internships

There are so many ways for young people to get involved.

World Vision offers fantastic volunteering opportunities for students and interns. Across our organisation, you can get involved with various solutions and campaigns. Fundraise for a cause, lobby our politicians, raise public awareness or make a difference in the fight against global poverty and injustice through your actions. Go on, join us!

Volunteer opportunities

World Vision Australia provides students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills gained from academic study to a planned and supervised work environment. Volunteer Interns gain hands-on experience in working for a large not-for-profit on a volunteer basis and learn new skills in their field while contributing to World Vision Australia’s work. These volunteer opportunities are suitable for students studying courses which require them to complete a placement with an organisation.

Check out our current volunteer opportunities.

40 hour famine logo

40 Hour Famine

Ever been hungry? Like, really hungry? While most Australians get enough to eat, almost a billion people around the world (including Australians) go hungry every day.

As one of Australia's biggest youth fundraising events, the 40 Hour Famine proves that our generation is willing to do something real to help stop hunger. Lend your time and raise money to help hungry communities and children. 

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