Geography of human well-being: a diverse and connected world

Geography of human well-being: a diverse and connected world

Includes six animations with related worksheets and addresses key inquiry questions for both Year 6 and Year 10 Geography.

  • How do places, people and cultures differ across the world?
  • What are Australia’s global connections?
  • How can the spatial variations in human wellbeing and development be measured and explained? 
  • What are the economic, social and environmental impacts of variations in development and human wellbeing?
  • How do governments, groups and individuals respond to inequalities in development and human wellbeing for a sustainable future?

The resource addresses two cross-curriculum perspectives: Sustainability and Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia.

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In this collection:

1. What is poverty?

This animation and worksheet explores the nature of poverty and its relationship to human well-being. Students identify the different dimensions of poverty and recognise that it is much more than...

2. What causes poverty?

This animation and worksheet examines the physical and human factors that cause poverty and impact on human well-being. It also highlights the spatial variation in human well-being through a comparison...

3. How do we measure poverty?

This animation and worksheet looks at different ways to measure poverty and human well-being with a special focus on the Human Development Index. This includes measures of income, education and health...

4. What are the different types of aid?

This animation and worksheet unpacks bilateral, multilateral and non-government organisation (NGO) aid. This includes humanitarian relief, community development and the role of advocacy. Download worksheet...

5. Aid and trade?

This animation and worksheet addresses the ways aid and trade are used to work together to improve human well-being. This includes a case study from Indonesia. Download worksheet 5. (PDF) Aid and trade?...

6. Progress in human well-being

This animation and worksheet explores the Millennium Development Goals and changes in human well-being over the past 20 years. It also introduces the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Download worksheet...