The Main Game introduces students to the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Students initially read the handout 'Main Game - About the Goals'. This outlines the activity, and briefly introduces students to each of the goals and to some of the issues of poverty and development at the turn of the millennium.

When students have familiarised themselves with the goals they then play an on-line game. The game has two parts – first Concentration/Memory, where cards listing each of the 8 MDGs are matched together; second a Quiz/Questions section, which has eight multiple choice questions (one about each goal) to answer.

The online game is located here: Play the Main Game

Students then read the handout 'Main Game - Progress since 2000', which briefly outlines global progress in achieving the MDGs at the end of the first decade of action. In small groups, they then discuss what they have learnt, responding to questions on page 1 of the first handout.