World Vision Youth Ambassadors 2016

Parvathi Subramaniam, 19, Sydney, NSW

“I believe everyone has the power to make a difference and if you want to see change, you need to be that change. I hope to encourage and empower young Australians to make the difference they wish to see in their world.

I hope to inspire my peers to show the same love and generosity that was shown to me on my trip to India, by sharing the incredible stories of strength, resilience and triumph told to me by the amazing people I met”.

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Mark Alcordo, 19, Melbourne, VIC

“If I were to sum up my trip to India with World Vision, all I can say is that real change is happening right now. I saw with my own eyes children going to school and visioning long term goals. It is my priority to communicate to Victorian youth to stay passionate about making a difference. Because if there is a time to change the world, the time is right now.”

Mark helped raise over $90,000 for the 40 Hour Famine in 2015 in his role as Community Co-Captain at his college.

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Lisa Luce, 18, Perth, WA

“I love dreaming big and empowering and equipping young people to make a difference. I have a passion to help end global poverty and injustice, particularly through raising awareness in young people and being a voice for the millions of children suffering in silence overseas.”

A passionate World Vision supporter, Lisa was inspired to fight social injustice following a World Vision Youth Ambassador talk at her school. 

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Thenu Herath, 18, Adelaide, SA

“As a result of my Sri Lankan heritage, I have visited the country several times, and have witnessed the effects of poverty from a young age. Since then I have become driven to find solutions to overcome social injustice.

As the 40 Hour Famine leader at my school, we fundraised over $10,000 for the cause – almost double our target – and I realised how much power young Australians have. Extreme poverty can be defeated; I have now witnessed this first hand through my trip to India with World Vision.”

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Amy Wong, 19, Sydney, NSW

"Justice for individuals has always been an issue I have been passionate about. It can actually be measurably challenged through achieving smaller goals that improve health and standards of living. I wish to make a more practical, straight-forward difference to humanitarian issues through technology and social innovation. In the future I would love to invent useful items, perhaps start a business that profits an NGO or work for someone like Engineers Without Borders."

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Lachlan McCracken, 18, Melbourne, VIC

Lachlan is passionate about social justice and how the lack of access to education is preventing people from breaking out of poverty.

“I am so grateful to be a Youth Ambassador. A truly life-changing experience which has helped me to widen my horizons and perspective, and enable me to have my voice heard and the power to raise critical awareness concerning issues of poverty and malnutrition.”

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Simran Goklaney, 18, Brisbane, QLD

“As I grew and visited my birthplace, I questioned; ‘Why do they live on the streets? Why are they so thin?’ as I stared at the worn face of a child my age begging for money. I now understand injustice and poverty and yearn to make a difference. I am now abundantly grateful for my education and never take my food for granted.”

Born in India and raised in Australia, Simran’s ultimate ambition is work at the International Court of Justice in The Hague or at the United Nations in New York.

Watch Simran’s India video

Youth Ambassadors travel to India

In 2016, seven Youth Ambassadors embarked on the journey of a lifetime when they visited India with World Vision. Visiting projects and seeing firsthand the impact that World Vision and the 40 Hour Famine can make in communities was a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Youth Ambassador

 We are currently working on our 2017 Youth Program and the exciting opportunities involved. Please continue to watch this space for further information!




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