World Vision partners with organisations around the world who share our goal of advancing economic opportunities for youth.

New Horizons Foundation

World Vision partnered with Romanian organisation, New Horizons Foundation (NHF), in 2013. The purpose of the long-term, collaborative partnership was to pilot, innovate and evaluate the award-winning IMPACT program within the World Vision context with the aim of progressing the model into an endorsed World Vision project model. From the pilots emerged an opportunity to co-develop a second model, SKYE, designed to better equip youth (18+ years) for work and life.

NHF and World Vision continue to work together to test, innovate and iterate the IMPACT and SKYE models, building an evidence base for what works, documenting best practice, and developing field guidance. NHF also support capacity building across the World Vision Partnership, allowing World Vision access to their highly experienced and qualified pool of Master Trainers.

The mission of NHF is to promote top quality experiential education models that advance life skills among youth as a means for sustainable development. The Foundation envisions a world where all young people are empowered to act on behalf of the common good.

Children and Youth Finance International

World Vision is a member of Children and Youth Finance International's (CYFI) worldwide multi-sectoral network, which is dedicated to enhancing the financial capabilities of children and youth.

Currently World Vision is collaborating with CYFI to have the IMPACT Club and SKYE Club models endorsed. CYFI’s endorsement process sets benchmarks for Economic Citizenship Education (ECE) programs. ECE is based upon a learning framework that balances three components: financial education, social/life skills education and livelihoods education. It employs a rights-based approach and stresses the importance of linking education with access to safe and appropriate financial products and services for children and youth.

Through the endorsement process, CYFI measures the quality of financial products directed to children and youth and the content of educational materials against the ECE learning framework. CYFI places endorsed products and curriculum at the forefront of the child and youth finance movement.


Global Center for Youth Employment

World Vision is a partner of the Global Center for Youth Employment (GCYE). GCYE is a virtual learning and action centre that brings together a broad, diverse coalition of allies to identify and nurture innovative youth employment solutions. It leverages and promotes collective impact approaches to empirical research and cutting-edge practices to significantly improve the worldwide employment of youth.

GYCE partners include workforce development experts from universities, NGOs, foundations, and the private sector. Since its founding in 2014, GYCE has spearheaded a number of important events and seed-funded a series of projects, with leadership and financial support from RTI International.

World Vision is collaborating with GCYE to extend the Center’s work to the Asia region by hosting the GCYE Asia Ideathon: Co-creation for Social Innovation in 2016. The GCYE Asia Ideathon will bring together key stakeholders investing in youth employment, and facilitate a process for ideation and co-creation.