Church partnerships

Embarking on a deeper journey 

There’s something truly inspiring about a church committing to a long-term journey of discovery and connection with those who are poor.

When followers of Jesus come with a humble, generous spirit and posture of learning, we have hope of long-term transformation not only of the poor, but of the church community who engages.

For more than 60 years, World Vision has been serving alongside those who are poor globally and giving them a voice when and where it is most needed. In that time, we have joined together with countless Australian Christians, churches and organisations across all denominations who are committed to living out their faith and standing alongside the poor to tackle poverty and injustice.

Your church and World Vision: a life transforming partnership

Hear from church leaders around Australia about how their congregation’s partnership with World Vision is transforming lives both here and overseas.

Our approach to partnership is about co-creating with a church and going on a journey with them and saying ‘what’s in the heart of this church, what’s in the vision of this church – and how can we connect this to the needs in developing countries’.

Church Partnerships Manager, Steve Webster

A church partnership with World Vision emerges out of genuine relationship and shared vision.  

 Our Church Partnerships team have ministry experience across many denominations and will take the time to co-create the values and desired outcomes that will transform your church and the community you partner with.

Infographic for church partnerships

A partnership that transforms lives

After going on a journey to discover where your church and World Vision’s mission and vision connect, you may feel led to partner with one of our overseas or domestic development programs.

By committing to a long-term partnership (2-3 years minimum) with a World Vision-supported community, your church can build a meaningful relationship with that community, including World Vision staff, community members and local church pastors.

Members of your church congregation will have the opportunity to visit the community – and contribute to their needs through prayer and financial support. 

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A partner in your outreach

As a well-known and trusted Christian organisation, World Vision can be a conduit for your church to make meaningful connections with your local community and to have them join you in transforming a community in need.

We invite you to explore how your church can experience a life-giving partnership with World Vision.    

Matt Jacoby

In Kanpur I saw remarkable changes are being made on every level. I was amazed at the extent of the transformation that had been effected in the communities that we went to after a relatively short time.

Matt Jacoby, Teaching Pastor at Barrabool Hills Baptist Church

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