Scott Darlow

Scott Darlow

Scott Darlow

First Nation Australian singer-songwriter Scott Darlow has been a passionate advocate for World Vision's work with First Nation Australian communities. Scott is an incredible communicator, especially with younger audiences. He speaks to over 50,000 high school students each year about issues affecting First Nation Australians.

Having seen our Young Mob program at work in Sydney, which aims to empower First Nation teenagers with leadership skills, Scott's partnership with World Vision has seen him advocate for First Nations issues in schools, churches and amongst corporates across Australia for the past five years. His incredible passion and strong ties to other high-profile First Nations Australian identities has led to increased opportunities as we work to support First Nations communities to raise strong, healthy and happy children.

World Vision’s work

World Vision Australia works globally with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. Our work in long-term community development, policy advocacy and change, and emergency relief addresses not only the symptoms of poverty, but also its complex and interrelated causes.

Scott is passionate about empowering First Nations Australians. Our work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities enables them to lead their own development and build on their strengths. Our partnerships begin when First Nations Australian communities invite us to work together and share our development expertise.

In the field with Scott Darlow

Scott Darlow

Scott Darlow inspires young Aboriginal leaders

Scott is hoping to spread the message that all Australians can do something to help disadvantaged communities in their own backyard.

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