Typhoon Haiyan: Six Months On | World Vision.

Video transcript

0:15in the response phase it was all about saving lives
0:19who was getting in and doing giving people what they needed in order to
0:24what we want to do now in rehabilitation as allow them to restore the dignity by
0:28being involved in their own recovery
0:30we're really focused on how do we make most people who are
0:34struggling my stomach community to rebuild
0:38and how do we provide them real opportunities for them to
0:41rebuild their lives rebuild their families rebuild their communities
0:54when World Vision arrive see in November
0:57six months ago it with absolute chaos
1:00the type in had just finished three community
1:04people had knife
1:06kno wat top nutshell top night health care
1:09no indication
1:11and so we stop said with and media long
1:15very I K
1:17life I
1:44in the past six months World Vision has been able to reach almost
1:47three-quarters of a million people we have been able to cover the most
1:51devastated areas
1:52and in the Philippines with these interventions I'm we've been able to
1:57accomplish quite a bit there's still a lot of work to be done
1:59but the we've made very good stocks six months on
2:03the Filipino communities
2:06and the children we're working with have come a long way
2:09when now looking at how do we move from 10
2:13some of the stein will housing housing that will
2:18protect communities protect families and protect children in the next 5-10
2:23well look at how to children not only get back to school
2:27but how do we ensure the psychosocial support of children
2:30after such an enormous tunes of top
2:34and often lost the plot how to ensure that they cared for
2:37how do we show that mental health is cared for but focusing on livelihood
2:42so how do we get people back into a normal life but I can sustain themselves
2:48insuring food
2:50in showing 1 to insuring basic services remain in the community and
2:54to on the affected communities on that
2:58you're leading the way you on this massive trajectory
3:02of self recovery from our perspective
3:05which is one to have inputs into debt to decrease so that you don't end up where
3:10you were before
3:10by you end up in a much better place
3:17we've had tremendous support from donors from concern people around the world
3:21some people from the Filipino diaspora have common contributed quite a bit
3:26to the recovery of the people here that has been a major opportunity
3:30the very fact that people want to take part in their own recovery I think for
3:34me is the most important one
3:35you can't restore the dignity without their engagement when
3:38me doom exercises like to build back better workshop
3:42where we're not just giving damn
3:45staff but we're making a part of the recovery they're actually learning how
3:48to help themselves
3:49that is so much more important than the way we used to do it where we just would
3:53provide them said
3:54the stuff build everything for them now they're part of the process
3:58and for me that's the greatest opportunity the restoration to dignity
4:02we will listen and we will respond
4:06you might not always get what you want
4:10but it doesn't mean that we haven't considered when you click to us
4:13we will work with the Filipino community walk alongside them
4:18and will support and assist them in man-made
4:21to build back better and go back I