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World Vision runs trips to give supporters the opportunity to travel overseas and visit World Vision's work in action. You will see first-hand how lives are being changed and get inspired by our dedicated local staff, the passion of the people we partner with, the outcomes they have achieved and the wisdom they have to share. By travelling with World Vision, you'll be able to delve deeper into our community partnerships and broaden your understanding, be challenged and inspired.

You will be able to see for yourself the impact that is enabled by the support of everyday Australians. You can also be part of the journey by helping a friends or family members raise funds for these communities.

World Vision's Overseas Experiences team forms partnerships with communities that World Vision works with around the world. Our visits with supporters help form a deeper connection and understanding between participants and community members. It provides the opportunity to personally engage with each other; to share successes, challenges and to learn from each other.

Each visit is approved by the specific World Vision National Office and the community-based World Vision leader, ensuring the visits align to both the national strategy and the specific community plans and wishes.

Funds generated by trip participants help to provide vital support to the communities that World Vision partners with. Each partnership facilitates the opportunity for us to learn from the life experiences of World Vision's partner communities and to witness and learn about life in a different context.

Simply fill out the registration of the trip you are interested in or contact our team if you have any questions. We encourage you to invite your friends and family to share the experience with you.

By signing up, you also commit to raising funds (this is outlined below) prior to your departure. By raising funds for the projects you visit, you will be supporting the people and communities visited overseas.

One you have completed the registrations form, our team will review it and send you out an invoice for your trip deposit. Your position on the trip will be officially confirmed once this deposit has been paid.

Anyone who:

  • Is interested in community development and engaging with people across cultures
  • Is interested in learning about a different country, its culture, success and challenges
  • Is interested to learn more and become engaged in the issues of poverty and social justice
  • Has passed all screening procedures (eg. criminal record check, reference checks)
  • Is at least 18 years of age (unless travelling in a school group or with a parent/guardian on certain trips)

The objective is to encourage you to learn from your experiences. Thus, it is important to be open to new experiences and dedicated to creating change overseas and here in your own community. Please be open with the Overseas Experiences team at World Vision about your expectations and any concerns you may have – this is a journey we are taking together.

There is also an important fundraising component to the trip: this ensures that we give back to the communities that we visit.

Trip information

Community Experiences:

  • Focus on spending time in communities where World Vision is working and supporting them through fundraising.
  • These trips are organised and led by World Vision. 
  • Be immersed by spending time with community members, learning about the issues of poverty and the different approaches to tackling it.
  • These trips also include time for cultural experiences, such as visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Cultural Experiences:

  • Focus on exploring new places and cultures while also visiting and fundraising for World Vision's work.
  • These trips are organised and led by our travel partner, with a World Vision representative travelling with you.
  • On these trips, participants spend up to 12 days exploring the country and culture as well as spending approximately two days visiting World Vision programs.

Challenge Experiences:

  • If you are more interested in doing a physical challenge trip, we recommend choosing a Huma Charity Challenge.
  • These trips are organised and led independent of World Vision through Huma Charity Challenge. Trips involve fundraising and you could opt to dedicate your fundraising to World Vision.
  • These trips do not include visiting World Vision’s work in the field.
  • Explore Huma Charity Challenges

Visit our Upcoming Trips page to see all current travel opportunities.

Each trip is slightly different and the time spent visiting World Vision's work varies depending on the type of trip. Most trips offer you the opportunity to visit World Vision Area Development Programs (ADPs) where you will spend time engaging with and learning from community members. 

Programs running in each ADP vary according to the context and the expressed needs by the community. They may focus on water and sanitation, education, agriculture, preparing for natural disasters, health, leadership skills etc.

Prior to embarking on your trip, you will learn more about World Vision's work in general, and the projects you will be visiting. You will visit community members within the ADP's as well as engage in meaningful conversations with World Vision staff in the country you'll be visiting – essentially this experience will take you behind the scenes of World Vision's work.

A large percentage of our cultural trips will be spent on cultural immersions –this is specified in more detail in each of the trip brochures.

It is important to understand that on any World Visions Overseas Experience, community engagement is about listening, learning and building personal connections. The trips are about building mutual understanding and not about fixing, building or volunteering.

Whilst its easy to create "projects" for participants to undertake, we first need to understand the priorities of the community, whether this activity "if important" could be undertaken by community members themselves, is it sustainable, and what are the opportunity costs of diverting focus from existing programs?

Whilst painting a school may seem a good initiative, how does this align with a goal of building youth leadership? Why does the school need painting? Would funding something else deliver greater long-term educational outcomes? Rather than design experiences that make participants feel useful, we focus on the community's own plan and whether participants can engage meaningfully in that. It ensures that the value of activities undertaken in communities are the community members themselves.

On occasions, where the community themselves highlight an opportunity for skill sharing or a project that would enable an activity to be undertaken together with participants, we will work in partnership with the community to incorporate this into a field visit or create a dedicated field visit with this focus.

One of the reasons World Vision staff in overseas offices or local community members truly appreciate our visits as much as they do, is because it gives them the opportunity to explain their journey, demonstrate their achievements and share their hopes and dreams for the future.

The cost involved varies depending on the destination, duration and type of trip.

Please see the brochure for each trip for relevant costs and what is included. Please be aware that the program fee could be subject to change and will be confirmed upon you receiving your invoice.

Travelling outside your comfort zone, and outside the ‘Western World’, is always an experience in itself. During your time overseas, you will have a great opportunity to see different communities in both a rural and urban setting and witness the local lifestyle. Instead of quick visits to projects, we aim to provide participants with deeper encounters with the communities there.

When choosing accommodation and transport methods, the security of our travellers is always our first priority, and our well-travelled staff members from World Vision Australia are there to support and journey with you. Accommodation will differ according to the style and location of trip and more information for specific trips can be obtained from the trip brochure or by contacting the Overseas Experiences Team. Accommodation on most trips is in hotels, and on some trips the accommodation may include staying in the local World Vision office in smaller communities.

The primary focus is ensuring the safety and well-being of all participants.

Understandably safety and security are big issues when travelling overseas. World Vision prioritises the safety and security of its trip participants and staff. Below is an outline of the precautions and safeguards in place to make this trip as safe as possible.

  • A local World Vision staff member will accompany the group during visits to projects and the World Vision head office in the country you visit.
  • World Vision leaders are experienced and equipped with necessary training.
  • A trip always starts with a security briefing when you land, which will help you be aware of potential issues that may arise and things to be aware of.
  • You are encouraged to attend all group meetings in the lead up to the trip (in person or online) which will involve discussions of ‘do’s and don’ts’.
  • The itinerary, accommodation and transportation between cities have all been selected with security and safety first and foremost in mind.
  • Clear emergency procedures and international 24/7 assistance.
  • You will be required to have travel insurance prior to departure in case of an emergency.
  • World Vision security teams and our international security partners are always on standby should an emergency arise. These teams are trained to foresee, minimise or eliminate any potential risks to staff and trip participants.
If you are travelling on a community trip wholly run by World Vision, your trip leaders will be staff members from World Vision Australia. You will also be joined by World Vision staff from the country you visit while visiting World Vision’s programs. If you are travelling on a cultural trip, your trip will be run by our partner adventure travel company and will usually have one staff member from World Vision accompanying the group.

If you have sponsored a child from any of the ADPs we will be visiting, we can help to arrange for you to meet your sponsor child. It can be truly rewarding to visit your sponsor child, or your family’s sponsor child, so we encourage you to meet them. If you choose to begin sponsoring a child before the trip we can endeavor to link you with a child in an ADP we will visit, so that you may be able to visit them. For further information on this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please also be aware, that due to circumstances outside of our control, a sponsor visit is not always possible. However, we will do everything in our power to get you connected with your sponsor child.


You can raise funds by engaging with your personal networks to support you by donating money for the projects you will visit. These donations go to providing whole communities access to basic life essentials, offers families the opportunity to raise their incomes, and empowers people to break the cycle of poverty.

People in your networks can make a donation to help provide life-changing, practical solutions to communities in need. They can nominate any amount to donate – all you need to do is make sure that this amounts to the fundraising target set for your trip.

You will receive materials and support to raise funds once you have signed up to go on a trip with World Vision.

The fundraising component to our trips is an exciting way for you to get involved with World Vision’s work and contribute to the transformation of the communities that you will visit. Fundraising is one of the best ways for you to create a lasting change and help to end poverty. Please refer to the brochure for the trip you are interested in to see the fundraising target that has been set.

If you don’t have much or any experience in fundraising, that’s okay! We offer you support throughout the whole process including providing you with an online fundraising page, helping you grow your ideas and providing you with information and some resources that you may need. The fundraising isn’t just a pre-requisite for our trips; most participants enjoy the process and feel empowered when they see the projects that their fundraising has supported!


If you have any further questions, please contact us at or call 03 9287 2430.