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We're young people trying to make a fairer world. Join us.

We often get told we're the leaders of tomorrow, but the truth is we don't have to wait until we've finished school or uni to start making a difference - young people are the leaders of today, and the world is ours to change.

VGen exists to inspire, educate and empower young people to understand and take action on the biggest global justice issues facing the world. From human trafficking to the refugee safety crisis to eradicating extreme poverty, we're here to make a difference. Join us now.

Who we are

VGen is made up of young people aged 15–25 who want to make a difference on global issues. We know that working together is better than working alone, so VGen brings together a vibrant, diverse national and local communities of like-minded young people to build each other up, work together strategically, and create lasting change where it's needed most. 


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VGen takes action

We change the world by organising in the places we see every day. Through VGroups in local schools, universities and faith groups throughout Australia we learn, inspire and engage others in creating real change. Sound good? Start your own VGroup today.


When we speak with one voice, people listen

As part of VGen, you can be involved in creative, high-impact campaigning on issues like child protection and trafficking, maternal and child health and overseas aid. As a national movement, we join together for large-scale events, conferences and online campaigning.


Through World Vision

VGenners have the opportunities to partner with other like-minded young people from around the world and experience overseas development work first-hand. From global youth leadership conferences to field visits and Youth Ambassador trips, we know human connections that are stronger than borders.

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We're campaigning to get #KidsOffNauru

Five years of imprisoning kids is five years too long. This ends now.

Today, 95 kids are imprisoned on Nauru, an island the size of Melbourne airport. At least, that's how many we think there are. It's hard to keep track when things aren't transparent, and when serious physical and mental health issues mean kids frequently have to be taken off the island for treatment. We do know that these kids won't be safe and free until they and their families are resettled somewhere safe.

The campaign

We're part of a huge coalition of refugee groups, doctors, psychologists, advocates, and ordinary Australians working to get the Kids Off Nauru by Universal Childrens Day, November 20. To win the safety and freedom of these kids, we need to build public support in our communities for the safety of these kids, then send a strong message to our politicians (you know, those people that work for us) that locking up kids is unacceptable.

What you can do

  1. Join the campaign here to call on Scott Morrisson and Bill Shorten to get the #KidsOffNauru
  2. Call your MP with our easy tool and tell them that locking up children is never the answer.
  3. Remind your friends that all children deserve a childhood by posting your own childhood picture with a frame and the message "#IWasAKidToo, let's get the #KidsOffNauru. 
  4. Start a VGen group in your school, uni, church or faith community - sign up to VGen then email us to find out how.

I am making a change by empowering young people to take action. Every act, no matter how small, is important!

Ashleigh, VGen advocate.