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We inspire, educate and empower young people to address global justice issues, from displacement, to climate change  and First Nations justice. As a  diverse national network of youth-led groups at schools and universities, we  raise our voices together .

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What we're working on now

Through VGen, World Vision supports High School and Uni students can raise awareness and take local action on issues where real change is possible. Here's what we're fighting for now:


#EndEbola: The Australian government hasn't allocated a single dollar to the global ebola crisis in the DR Congo. Every day of delay puts more lives at risk. Let's show Australians that there isn't a moment to lose.


#SafeAndFree: a campaign to stand in solidarity with refugees in Australia, while also calling for support for the 70.8 million displaced people who have had to flee to safety. 


40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge: Half the world's refugees are children - many need safety, resources, and a path to recovery. Sign up for the 40 Hour Famine and raise funds for refugees. $10 can provide a Child Friendly Space for 80 kids.


And more: As the world's largest Child Rights charity, we campaign on dozens of issues. If you want to take action for justice, there's a campaign for you.

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How you can take action

Start a group in your school 

Young Visionaries is VGen's new partner program in High Schools. Gather a group of leaders, find a supportive staff member, have World Vision run a leadership workshop, and start taking action to influence your community. 

Start or join a group in your Uni

Sign up and connect with your local VGen group. No group at your uni? Sign up, then set up chat with VGen's National Facilitator to plan your new group.  You'll meet other passionate young people and gain the skills that have led many VGenners into careers in development, policy, foreign affairs and social enterprise. 

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Follow our FacebookInstagram and Twitter pages, and join our national chat group to meet like-minded young people from around Australia and share ideas about campaigns.