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Your church can help end exploitation.

As Christians, we believe that every person is a valued child of God. Throughout history, we have followed in the footsteps of Jesus and been at the forefront of the fight to end exploitation of the most vulnerable.

But the fight to end exploitation isn't over!

Today, the exploitation of vulnerable men, women and children is a multi-billion dollar industry, so it's time to rise up again and say "No!".

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In the lead-up to Christmas, on Sunday 22 November (or another date that suits your church), join churches around Australia and take one step towards ending the exploitation of vulnerable men, women and children.

You can choose to set aside a whole service or just 15 minutes – just take the first steps to end exploitation.

Register today for your free End Exploitation church kit

World Vision's experts in the areas of human trafficking and child labour have joined forces with Christian leaders to put together a resource kit. This will help your church take steps to ending exploitation at a global and local level.

Whether your congregation is new to the issue or desires deeper engagement, our End Exploitation kit gives you the tools to teach your congregation, youth group, children or community about the need to value the people behind the products we buy.

Your End Exploitation church kit contains: 

Leadership resources

  • Your Church's Guide to Ethical Purchasing.
    Prepared by World Vision's experts in human trafficking and slavery, this comprehensive guide is designed to lead your church through some simple steps to ethical purchasing

Church service planning tools

  • Compelling videos and service planning ideas
  • Sermon notes by Rev. Tim Costello  (video also available)
  • Prayer resources
Engaging children and youth
  • Innovative lesson outlines and ideas by Australian Children's, Youth and Families Ministry Leaders
Community outreach
  • All you need to run an ethical shopping tour in your community