Every minute, 24 people in the world are forced to move. More than half of them are children.


People don’t leave home lightly. Yet displacement is currently a reality for over 65 million people seeking safety – the highest number in recorded history.

Globally, one in every 113 people are forced to flee their homes because of issues such as conflict, persecution and political unrest, poverty, natural disasters and climate change. While some are displaced within their own country, others are forced to cross borders as refugees. And it’s the poorest countries that host 90 percent of refugees.




Global displaced community

3 x

Australia's population

2 x

the global number of refugees nearly doubled between 2005 and 2014

2 million

children in 10 years have died because of armed conflict

24 people

are displaced every minute



The need for overseas aid has never been greater, yet Australia’s aid budget has been cut for several successive years. By increasing our overseas aid Australia can help developing countries to offer shelter, education, health services and access to work for refugees while still providing for the needs of their own population.


Alice’s refugee journey in East Africa

Midwife and single mother Alice is among millions of refugees who have been forced to leave their homes and flee from drought, war and famine in East Africa.


Australia can do its part by welcoming 42,000 people each year through its humanitarian intake. It would only be a small fraction of overall migration to Australia but would make a real difference to thousands of vulnerable people whose lives have been torn apart by conflict, persecution or disaster.

This is the biggest humanitarian challenge of our time.
How will Australia respond?

Claire Rogers, CEO of World Vision Australia, on ABC News Breakfast

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