A fair go for refugees

Celebrating inclusiveness, acceptance and belonging at the Batman Community Forum on Refugees and Aid.

Our community forum on refugees and aid

On 8 December 2017, approximately 70 residents of Melbourne’s Batman electorate gathered at the Northcote Town Hall for an important discussion on Australian aid and the global displacement crisis.

Attendees heard from inspiring speakers including Omar Al Kassab, a business student and Syrian refugee; Tim Costello, our Chief Advocate; Mwiyeria Munyeki, a World Vision Humanitarian Advisor; and Tim Watts, Member for Gellibrand.

Omar spoke of his own experience growing up in Syria. “I was in Year 12, I was shot with an explosive bullet while holding a banner that said ‘Freedom forever’,” he shared.

Mwiyeria discussed the current crisis in South Sudan and World Vision’s response. With help from our supporters, we’re working with the Australian Government and the World Food Programme to distribute food and help communities build vital infrastructure and sustainable livelihoods.

Despite these efforts, as a country we’re still falling short.


If you're interested in having a community forum on refugees and aid in your electorate,
please contact: safeandfree@worldvision.com.au

Let’s do our fair share for refugees

There are now three times as many displaced people as Australia’s total population. It’s the highest number in recorded history. But Australia’s aid budget has been cut several years in a row.

“Developed countries host only 16 percent of refugees globally,” Mwiyeria said. This leaves developing countries to host the remaining 84 percent.

Many people seek asylum in countries bordering conflict. Uganda, for example, has taken more refugees in the last three years than Australia has since WW11.

In 2016, the Australian Government helped to resettle 27,626 refugees. Australia ranked 16th overall. Yet this put us 18th on a per capita basis and 42nd relative to our Gross National Product (GDP).  

We must do our part to give more people forced to flee their homes a fair go. That’s why we’re calling for an increase in Australia’s humanitarian intake to 42,000 people per year.

“The path forward for the treatment of refugees has to be community-driven,” said Tim Watts MP. “If we believe in universal rights, then we must do our fair share,” added Tim Costello. 

Join our call to champion the rights of people fleeing conflict and natural disasters. 

Community Forum in Northcote

On 8 December, World Vision supported a community forum on aid and refugees at the Northcote Town Hall in Melbourne. The event featured speeches from subject matter experts, a refugee with lived experience and a Federal MP.