Safe and Free

World Vision's Campaign for Refugees

Safe and Free

World Vision's Campaign for Refugees

Everyone has the right to be safe and free, from kids evacuated off Nauru to the 68.5 million people displaced by war, persecution and disasters.

Dear The Hon. Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia and The Hon. Mr Anthony Albanese, Leader of the Opposition,

Through our common humanity, I call on you to find common ground and reach an agreement to achieve the following urgent public policy changes: 

Seeking asylum is a fundamental human right, yet thousands of people are still held in indefinite detention either offshore or in Australia1.

End the harm being caused in our name to these people trapped in limbo. Give those people found to be refugees a chance to make a new home.

Now that the kids are off Nauru, we need to also provide them with permanent resettlement options either here, or in a suitable third country like New Zealand.

More people are displaced around the world now than at any time in recorded history. No one chooses to be displaced. Leaving home is always a last resort.

To do our fair share in this unprecedented global humanitarian crisis, the Australian government should raise our Humanitarian Intake to welcome 44,000 refugees every year.*

*In FY 2018/2019 the Australian Government offered 18,750 places through the Official Humanitarian Intake. To put this into perspective the total permanent Migration Program outcome for 2017–18 was 162,417 places. Source: Dept. of Home Affairs

This is the biggest humanitarian challenge of our time and it's the poorest countries which are impacted the most.

Developing countries host 85 per cent of the world’s refugees.

The Australian Government must increase our aid to those developing countries, so they can provide shelter, education, health services and access to work for refugees, while still providing for the needs of its own population.

This is a global challenge. The world needs Australia to show compassion and global leadership - please act now!

Yours Faithfully,

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By signing the petition to help more people to become Safe & Free, I'm stepping up my fight for justice by challenging systematic causes of poverty and inequality here and around the world.  Please email me opportunities to raise my voice and take similar actions with World Vision.

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Kids off Nauru was borne out of a World Vision Campaign to help  refugees be Safe and Free

#KidsOffNauru was borne out of a World Vision Australia campaign to help the increasing number of displaced people around the world to become Safe & Free


Thanks to everyone who made the #KidsOffNauru campaign an amazing success. You helped change community sentiment and pressured politicians to force the evacuation of all the children trapped on Nauru. Hopefully, we permanently shifted the public and political debate about how we should treat children in the Government's care.

The next step, is to ensure all the #KidsOffNauru are permanently safe and free in Australia or another suitable country like New Zealand. World Vision supports the Medevac Bill to help sick people trapped on Nauru or Manus Island to be medically evacuated to Australia under Doctors' orders. Ultimately, we believe all indefinite detention must be closed.

We started #KidsOffNauru because: no matter how complex the global refugee crisis is, locking up children should never be the answer.

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DR Congo: The Forgotten Crisis


Congolese people in need of emergency humanitarian assistance have every right to be Safe and Free. The Australian Government can no longer ignore them.

Use the below form to send a quick email to your local Federal MP. Ask them to do all they can to increase Australia's aid and join global efforts to fund the DRC Humanitarian Response Plan.


Add your post code and then click on your MP to select

By sending this Email to my MP I'm stepping up my fight for justice by challenging systematic causes of poverty and inequality here and around the world.  Please email me opportunities to raise my voice and take similar actions with World Vision.

DR Congo - the Forgotten Crisis War Conflict Displacement Asylum Seekers Refugees

Photo: DR Congo (2018) Kate Geraghty, Sydney Morning Herald

There are 4.5 million internally displaced people in the DRC. Over 800,000 have fled into neighbouring countries. Half of them are children

DR Congo - the Forgotten Crisis War Conflict Displacement Asylum Seekers Refugees

Photo: DR Congo (2018) Kate Geraghty, Sydney Morning Herald

41% of Congolese girls aged 5-17 are working and only 36% of girls are enrolled in high school.

This Ebola epidemic is a Public Health Emergency of International Concern - World Health Organisation 17 July 2019

#EndEbola 2019

We defeated the Ebola virus before and we can do it again.

In 2014 the virus became an epidemic that ravaged West Africa, the horrific death toll climbed to nearly 5,500 people. It infected over 15,000 and left an estimated 3,300 children orphaned. Women were disproportionately affected. 

The global community including Australia came together to fight it, and we won. 

Sadly in the last years, people in the DR Congo have mourned the deaths of over 2000 people (as at September 2019) as a result of a new Ebola outbreak which started in August 2018.

This is a country least equipped to deal with a complex and contagious health emergency. It has struggled with decades of violent conflicts, political turmoil, poverty and hunger. 

In 2014 Australia contributed a generous $AU 42million to fight Ebola. The DR Congo and the world needs Australia to step up again to help fight the disease. In 2019 we're calling on the Morrison Government to at least match Canada's contribution of $AU 35 million so far.

Add your name to the #EndEbola Petition


Join the 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge


Take a stand for young refugees around the world.

You'll unite with thousands of other Australians to lead global change by raising funds for young people who've been forced to flee their homes. Take up the challenge and commit to living out of your backpack with only essentials for 40 hours.

Globally there are 70.8 million refugee and displaced people - among them 25.9 million refugees and more than half that number are under the age of 18.

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Meet Lilias, a 17-year-old who was forced to flee her home with her siblings. As the war rages in South Sudan, Lilias continues her life in Bidi Bidi Settlement, Uganda.

Child Rights Child Protection Children and Youth Participation in Advocacy End Violence against children

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Children and their rights

Children are entitled to special care and assistance and also entitled to exercise their right to participate in matters affecting them.

Most vulnerable children
We focus our work on reaching and supporting children who live in catastrophic situations and relationships characterised by violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation, exclusion and discrimination.

We seek improved learning outcomes, particularly for the most vulnerable children, through high-quality and inclusive education at all stages of the life cycle.

Maternal and newborn child health
We affirm that all people, including women and children, should be well nourished, protected from infection and disease, and have access to essential health services, regardless of where they live.

Young people
We recognise the importance of supporting and working with young people to ensure their voice, ideas and actions have a platform and can contribute to positive change and to building peaceful societies.