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0:03in the ice on this region of Kenya
0:04World Vision has been working with a group of Muslim farmers to further
0:08develop their skills
0:09and create a demonstration found that will improve agricultural production in
0:13the region
0:13the families call their organization Pima
0:16my Pima means monthly
0:21at a cultural project and environmental management activities my payment israeli
0:27coming idea this community
0:30in the north of Kenya has been facing one of the worst droughts in the
0:34region's recent history
0:35day amongst the poorest people in Kenya today
0:40local families come to visit this project
0:43and they gain valuable skills and insights they can replicate on their own
0:47skills such as growing drought-resistant crops
0:51organic farming techniques soil management
0:55and strategies to protect the environment
0:59when they found that we are doing things and i three it or not
1:02what do you need want to assist you he said they are
1:05animals enter into bed this divorce so is that we had to stop
1:09so they told us what do you need with all that we need fencing materials
1:13and then also some water
1:16it will last you as a member you involved in this activity
1:21accordingly we are going to give you the fencing material and then
1:24their of President that's what they gave us and the the equipment it so
1:29from there when we work this through regiment and their
1:32paleta 10,000 meter the thank
1:36so we manage for progress this the first floor
1:40former the up p.m. is the purple that is that that with
1:45I did it on us the other activities that you need to
1:48today if they don't they ask us with the 580
1:52with other itself is available to as the one with our own but we don't have the
1:56right materials
1:56what if so they but just what I thought might be run debuted at house
2:00for appearing so from that that one or two we gain a lot
2:05and then from the income over there video productions
2:09the fruits and deputy we
2:13manage cool expand
2:16approach so we have fun there that
2:20and I doubt was fast I don't four for
2:23a cop so we added another to become 68 Cup
2:27we had a 3 afterward because the group's success
2:31it was important to ensure they receive training in bookkeeping
2:35and accounting today it will cause will go on while today
2:39other parts of the country members are selected
2:43and then at the Cannes onto our plan about
2:46for production that's what they want to be some I was the night with
2:50yeah even as a little as the balloon on also
2:54management management skills
2:57this files that you see here that they want to give us that combines the
3:01out golan on bookkeeping bodies with us out there reporting
3:06and we are a bottle pick out a defiant whenever
3:10we receive as well as providing them the in a group with the infrastructure
3:14and technical training they needed to sustain a fun have also benefited from
3:18capacity building in economic empowerment
3:21training in proposal writing let our
3:24they Minister of livestock
3:28came in they
3:31assisted us with it the only 60,000 as they have been funded by
3:35ADP its after we say 2012
3:38X 10 project and they practice what are these
3:41very get off and then we was that this summer
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3:48for breeding it to be able to get some some money through
3:51the breeding of this on the mall their friend you Devin from you
3:55down known for its hump
4:00it produces our own Daley dozen: day in the morning
4:03Daley dozen: demeaning thats mixes are
4:0620 just buddy while it don't make is is is put $500 towards 28 us buddy
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4:25but vision continues to work with the pain a community-based organization
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