Do Australians still believe in a fair go?

Video transcript

The thing that makes us Aussies is the belief in a fair go. In fact a fair go would be our signature.

But we might have to ask whether we still really believe in that when you look at the refugee crisis of 65 million displaced people around the world, and most of those displaced people in the poorest nations, Ethiopia and Kenya, in Jordan, in Lebanon, in Turkey.

And here in Bangladesh, where I am standing right now, as far as the eye can see you'll see plastic on little thrown-up houses that the poor called home, because these are refugees from Myanmar, what we knew as Burma, that have fled to Bangladesh. Some 600,000 here in the last couple of months, they' arrived.

When we say what can we do that's our fair share, well we firstly have to remind ourselves we are incredibly blessed. To help refugees to give them hope and feed them so they can eventually go back home, we have to increase our aid levels. That is what is really being fair dinkum about a fair go.

I believe a fair go means something very simple. It means that every person deserves to be safe and free.