World Vision's work in Australia

Video transcript

0:03well all of us know well what it's like for someone to focus on a
0:07health problems now weaknesses we disclose we've become defensive
0:11strengths based approach to sign
0:14with stuff with what you got it
0:16and he met certain where your energies of flowing because
0:20you actually i put it this
0:22it gives you a platform to do a whole range of things that you can to keep a
0:26kiss on the knee
0:27and they're a great strengths
0:29being all indigenous communities that's where we stand
0:34they have a development model
0:36that relationship based that's
0:38by some positive
0:39and strengths within the community
0:41that takes time that allows the community to make its journey
0:46to what it calls a good life with development means for them
0:50so that's really that set of
0:52spectacles that will be shin brings to the velopment sixties of seeing
0:57development work in lots of other places around the world and people
1:01obeying the develop all the making a choice is in a strong way
1:05sewerage in uh... with adult development lanes is uh... focusing at the moment on
1:10barely childhood programs i will be jimmy's certainly working with young
1:15movement leaders to give them confidence despite some of them
1:19self-doubt and racism
1:22will be jan's working with communities there is a symptom onion companies have
1:26been left the royalties and uh... saying how do we spend this money to benefit
1:30the whole community
1:32this some of the programs
1:37you can create positive change by supporting our linking hands program
1:40just fifty five dollars a month
1:43that these making a difference that you can feel proud of addressing some of the
1:47uh... greatest disadvantage russian you now homeland