Sponsored Children of Cambodia | World Vision Australia

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0:00 Australians have been sponsoring children and donating to World Vision program
0:04since the nineteen seventies rising three hundred million dollars
0:08a cheer six million at that guys to cambodia
0:12Christie could the travel to see the difference the money is making
0:16helping families out of poverty this simple lessons many take for granted
0:22but in these rules village in cambodia understanding hygiene can mean the
0:26difference between sickness
0:28and held will be genes child-friendly
0:32centers have been set up around the world with the help of locals
0:36to provide a safe place for vulnerable children to land
0:39the sign was made possible thanks to a strange child sponsors
0:43children who is sponsored by receive benefits directly but so does that
0:47bother this just
0:48than a bad the other children at the school so certainly not a handout
0:51it that way sustainable way looking to build up community
0:55the asia-pacific journalism sainted took a group of reporters
0:58including myself to cambodia to learn about development in summer World
1:02Vision's program
1:04embodies economy is growing at an extremely fast rights with to read them
1:08a major contributor died overnight nations are worried that while the
1:12country's moving forward
1:14the most vulnerable people are being left behind
1:17forty percent of the population is surviving on less than a dollar 60
1:21a day while we were visiting a health clinic me campaign
1:25the house was about the had gas being blown his mother's sounded hemorrhaging
1:29a common cause of death for women in cambodia staff who receive training from
1:33OB GYN
1:34thanks to our responses saved her life landmark down on
1:38if she hadn't come here she probably would have died from losing too much
1:42instead the little boy will grow up with a mother his four-year-old sister will
1:46his grandmother was blaming I couldn't be happier
1:51when women arrive at the health center I really need to have access to skilled
1:55birth attendant
1:56so that baby can be delivered safely many of the problems are quite
1:59complicated so solutions have to be carefully thought through
2:02Amati map had to keep his children home from school
2:06because he couldn't afford the daily fate but he was taught some basic
2:10farming financial and trade skills
2:12and soon
2:12in his business flourished and I know byron
2:16the mine changes that now my children can go to school
2:19and I can earn almost four thousand US dollars every two months
2:22world nations child sponsorship program has changed significantly since it first
2:27began in the sixties
2:28that used to be a focus on individual children it now become clear that it's
2:33much more effective
2:34to help anti-community break the poverty cycle
2:37she'd mobs village was also introduced to a Cal banquet families can be lined
2:42and keep any cards they produce to breed or work the land
2:46it's an exciting moment when you receive the female co
2:5087 like citing lend you to see what Cup knowing that
2:53the cup actually belongs to you need my the later the community shows us a
2:58village run business
2:59equipment higher for traditional weddings it's added with the donation
3:03chairs and some business training at now growing to become
3:07King money-maker for the ones impoverished families
3:10confident they will fit up for the future World Vision is phasing out its
3:14work in these particular village near Baton bomb
3:17to focus on new areas he made Christie Cooper
3:217news and Christy actually filmed that story herself during a recent trip it's
3:26a cause that it's very close to her house