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0:00and Tim Costello from World Vision joins us it's nineteen good morning to you
0:04now what's on your mind bread prices in most other capital cities Obama
0:08some thirty not the same in the last year the talent but this is Nikki
0:12eighty same and if you're in a fixed that income you really feel that the
0:17global food crisis he's really young priest into something we've never seen
0:20so many forces come together at the same time
0:24to put extraordinary pressure on the poorest people on the planet
0:28emergency we got news there was a little girl who live in the desert
0:32hungry Philistine deity what we save them
0:36the World Bank's estimate is probably a not 100 million people affected
0:40and by sick time and forced into extreme poverty 10 maintenance
0:44that's thirty percent kenya's population are on the brink of starvation
0:48I mean think about it that's hasenfus che's population settle
0:52lawton people to be effective quickly and the estimate was said
0:55seven years of poverty relief was undone
0:59by this to crisis very quickly something like twenty percent accusing can you
1:04have been identified as man artist
1:061.5 million children i the risk of starvation
1:10ways at nine we have been well a lot of these Africa
1:13a lot in his sub-saharan Africa in other parts of the world
1:16so the higher prices I've been causing problems in India and Pakistan
1:22particular has been hit very hard we've seen a Waters
1:25civil unrest team 40 pass countries
1:29at different times world grain stocks have been run down to very low levels
1:33can't anyway the government declared a national emergency
1:36as the country faces so Paul five million max
1:40the bid the government return
1:43can't to time and in fact some governments even got to the stage where
1:48they started banging food exports
1:50louise has to do the simple fact people
1:54fourteens funny manana didn't come back together them on a CD or not I who
1:59not mad gotten
2:03one factor at work this time around as well that would become increasingly
2:07aware of these
2:08the whole issue of climate change BSing really clear evidence at
2:12droughts coming around more often and we look good morning after could you could
2:17price I Kenya where you now have an estimated 10 million people who are
2:21facing food insecurity
2:22because a draft we see more extreme weather events
2:26I want sides and it's clearly a Manhattan all deteriorating and move on
2:31with home on
2:32see when it was C&K to the ongoing yeah I mean used to comment specifically
2:37you right now we expect the rain and snow camp the genocide was getting soda
2:43put us on the main devoted to sweep everything away
2:46has the possessions to see the fam just planted
2:50people watched the museum
2:52say my health right around you just fun
2:55the big one that's quite a lot of people's attention his surprise a
2:59way to see it all come from on the case United States comes from corn
3:03so possibly 30 percent or even more US corn production and they're a very big
3:08corn producer
3:09he's going to ethanol did you know it takes two hundred city to kill is a maze
3:1321 full tank dress no anna says months maze
3:17African Press shoes tiny for a few seem like a terrific idea
3:21you growing fuel wood grain it seems ideal but
3:24we've realized that at least way biofuels are held at the moment
3:28got a lot of negative consequences for the poorest people in the world said
3:32basically feeding
3:33cast force feeding ourselves then we've got just seen basic fact that the
3:37world's population is growing by
3:391.2 percent a year that means about $75 million people more
3:44coming into the world each year unit times
3:47said it could be said as well featuring local snow kept telling me ask any more
3:52motivated to
3:53families than he that North near the Ethiopian border
3:57people there became much more desperate their tour in keeping your spirits high
4:02tell us is founder Sam and I just take an island chains
4:06his find a climate is a fine the city trying to get some treatment
4:10and in the meantime Thomas is headed the house pain his brother ate one meal a
4:16is obvious that is pain that way quite some time most days
4:19these guys don't get enough food to feed them handling to he goes to school
4:25because it doesn't understand days families in hiding food from you
4:29my understand the concept that maybe this is not enough food to go around
4:33what we feel here in Australia with their bread and potatoes
4:36the feeling actually with milosevic thats really what's on my mind I'm
4:40in the Horn of Africa for example what we're seeing is
4:43grinding down of people because of having to eat
4:47miss having this nutritional intake having a smaller males
4:51how some time to two women who hit hardest they just cutting back denials
4:55miss having one very small meal a day
4:57possibly every second I so it's its are viewing
5:00hi grinding situation
5:03for these people sticking my head and
5:06we see understand money shifted things just remember the dancer last time
5:11costs attorney