AGLA and World Vision's partnership

AGLA is a successful, Brisbane-based landscape architectural practice, headed up by Andrew Gold and supported by his wife Jacqui. Andrew was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and relocated to Australia in the early 1980s. He has been married to Jacqui for over a decade and enjoys life with their two beautiful children. Andrew is the director of AGLA, a successful Brisbane-based Landscape Architecture business.

Both Andrew and Jacqui share a love for southern Africa and a passion for international aid and development work. Having travelled to a number of developing countries they appreciate the unique challenges and hardships many communities experience in their local environments.

With these challenges in mind, and a belief in the idea of Ubuntu, as paraphrased by Desmond Tutu, “I am human because I belong, I participate, I share”,  Andrew and Jacqui are proud to support World Vision’s life changing work by donating a percentage of the income to World Vision’s FMNR programs.

AGLA exists in the development and environmental construction space in Australia. In collaboration with World Vision we have the opportunity to restore the natural landscapes of those living in developing countries through environmental regeneration, leading to wholistic improvements in many aspects of life including poverty and health.

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Andrew and Jacqui Gold understand the capacity that Livelihoods programs have to radically change outcomes in developing communities. By supporting World Vision's Australia's Livelihoods program, you too can help; reduce risks, increase building resilience, improving agriculture and food security, address environmental issues, and supporting entrepreneurship.

If you would like to join Andrew and Jacqui in being part of the solution, please consider matching the amount they have donated from your invoice.


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What is World Vision's Livelihoods programming and why is it important?

Seventy percent of the world's poor live in rural areas, relying on agriculture for food and income. World Vision Australia's Livelihoods programs helps these communities develop to; grow more crops, access markets more equitably and provides access to micro-finance loans where they are needed.

Within the framework of the Livelihoods program, World Vision's pioneering Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) initiative has helped at least six million people in thirteen countries across Africa and Asia, by helping communities to; restore their land, improve crop production and reduce hunger.

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For more information about World Vision's life-changing Livelihoods programming, or about any other areas of World Vision's work, please contact Neil Rangeley – Relationship Manger Philanthropy, on 0409 111 445 or

Global snapshot: World Vision and FMNR

1 million


At least one million hectares of land have been regenerated through FMNR across Africa and Asia in the last 10 years.

6 million


At least six million people have improved their crops and reduced hunger through FMNR.


countries in Africa and Asia

Over the last 10 years, World Vision has promoted FMNR in communities across Africa and Asia.