Father's Day gifts

Give a gift that lasts a lifetime

Father's Day gifts

Give a gift that lasts a lifetime

Celebrate your father with our range of unique, life-changing Father’s Day gifts. Look no further for charity gift inspiration that represents both the generosity of your dad and a donation to World Vision. Grab the opportunity to pay it forward and give a gift that helps empower fathers to provide for their families in developing countries.

Top 5 unique Father’s Day gift ideas 

For the dad who values family time

Solar lanterns

Help give a father the chance to support his children’s education like eight-year-old Aram at Moradabad. “Since solar bulbs are very luminous, all my siblings can study together, and my grades have improved.”

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For the dad who provides comfort for his family


Help protect children from the cold winters of countries such as Nepal. As temperatures in the Gorkha district drop below minus 1°C, few families can afford blankets or winter clothes for their children.

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For the dad who loves the outdoors

A fish farm

Help a father provide food and income for their family and community. More than 4,000 fingerling fish were brought to the ponds where seven-year old Samuel lives in South Sudan through World Vision gifts.

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For the dad who values a good education

School books

Help a father support education equality for girls. School books inspire young people like Bopha who attends school in Kampong Thom province, Cambodia.

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For the dad who loves to garden

Vegie garden starter pack

Help a family cultivate a kitchen garden, provide their children with nutritious vegies and earn extra income. A gift to grow and nurture a brighter future through food, the vegie garden starter pack features an irrigation kit containing a water pump and plastic piping.

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Best Father’s Day Gift Ever - Joseph

Joseph, a fish farmer and father of seven. He received training from World Vision’s FEED project in South Sudan.

Joseph receives best Father’s Day gift ever

34-year-old Joseph, a father of seven, is a fish farmer in Yambio, South Sudan. Trained in fish management through World Vision’s Fortifying Equality and Economic Diversification (FEED) project, Joseph had previously struggled having to fish in the river without tools. Through the project Joseph received equipment to dig and maintain ponds, including two pangas/machetes, one pair of gumboots, two hoes and two water cans, along with fish fingerlings to produce fish for sale at the market. Joseph’s aim was to increase production of fish and create a future for his family.

With the help of the FEED project, Joseph has cultivated the fish ponds to grow more fresh fish for his children to eat and his customers to buy at the market. His family’s situation also improved substantially. Now earning up to 12,000 South Sudanese Pounds per month (approximately A$134), Joseph can afford his children’s school fees and medicine. Joseph is proud that all his children now go to school and looks forward to a future where providing for his growing family is his greatest achievement.

How World Vision is helping other fathers around the world

  • Providing microfinance through VisionFund. A World Vision subsidiary, VisionFund gives financial assistance to help people develop successful small businesses that provide income and enable them to support their children, family and local community.
  • Training to help farmers regenerate their land, increase their food production and improve household income, Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration is an inspirational initiative worldwide.
  • Building positive futures with Indigenous Australians through community-led development programs such as the Martu Leadership Program. Strengthening leadership capabilities of Martu men and women, so that they may shape their own futures.
  • Supporting fish farming through livelihoods programs such as the Fortifying Equality and Economic Diversification project. Collaborating with other NGOs and the local community to build fish ponds and equip men with the tools required to grow a business and gain an income while providing for their families.
Celebrating fathers day

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