Are you visiting your sponsored child? We've put together a handy checklist of all the things you might need to know or do before you go, during your visit and after you return.

Before you go:

  • Check the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade or Smart Traveller websites and talk to your travel agent for the latest travel advice.
  • Confirm your own travel arrangements.
  • Visit your GP or travel health clinic for health advice relevant to the country you intend to visit.
  • Ensure you have adequate travel insurance.
  • Conduct your own research regarding travel to your destination, including cultural expectations.
  • 30 days before the visit obtain your National Police Clearance when requested by WVA (required for all visitors aged 16 years and over).
  • Complete and return all the other paperwork required (including a visit agreement).
  • Recheck the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade or Smart Traveller websites just before you leave in case the risk or security rating for your destination has changed. Please note that trips to high-risk areas may be cancelled due to safety reasons.
  • Feel free to purchase small gifts for your sponsored child. As your visit plans progress we can advise you on what is appropriate.
 Please do not contact your sponsored child directly to let them know you are visiting. Our staff in your sponsored child’s country will tell the family once your trip is confirmed.

Preparing for your visit:

  • Sponsor visits run for a maximum of one day. The amount of time you spend with your sponsored child will depend on the availability of World Vision staff locally and the time it takes to reach your sponsored child’s community. World Vision will do all it can to ensure you get the best out of your visit.
  • To avoid causing offence, please dress modestly on your visit. The best rule of thumb is to have your shoulders and your legs covered.
  • You are expected to cover the costs of your visit to your sponsored child’s community, including any expenses for the guide/translator, a driver, fuel and lunch for yourself and staff accompanying you. We will give you an estimate before you travel.

The day of your visit:

  • World Vision staff will be with you throughout your visit with your sponsored child and their family and the community, to help with translation and any other questions on the day.
  • Talk to the local World Vision staff about what is appropriate in terms of greetings, accepting food and giving gifts. They will be able to guide you in unfamiliar situations.
  • Be conscious of the fact that you are visiting a different culture and that World Vision works with many different religious backgrounds. Staff and communities where we work may be more overtly religious than the staff in Australia, depending on where you are visiting.
  • Feel free to take photos and videos of your visit, but please first check with anyone you are photographing that they are happy for you to do so.
  • Your visit could involve many different experiences. You may visit your sponsored child at their school or, in some circumstances, the World Vision office (visits are not conducted in the home due to child protection). You could visit different activities around the community to see what your support is achieving. We will give you an indication of your itinerary before you leave Australia.

When you return to Australia

  • We will contact you to debrief about your trip.
  • We would love to see any photos and hear stories of your trip.
  • If you are happy to do so, we may be able to share your stories on our website or in our supporter magazine to help inspire other supporters.