Sponsor a girl

Open up opportunities for girls

Sponsor a girl

Open up opportunities for girls

Help stop child marriage and protect girls from the effects of COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed life for us all. But its economic effects are driving the world’s most vulnerable families deeper into poverty. Desperate parents are marrying their daughters off early – just so they and their families can eat. Already, 23 girls under 18 are married every minute. And because of the pandemic, the United Nations forecasts 13 million more child marriages over the next 10 years.

Early marriage can endanger a girl’s health, cut short her education, limit her hopes and dreams, and increase her likelihood of remaining in poverty.  

Thank you Australia.

Together we have sponsored 654 girls, opening up their opportunities and avoiding child marriage!

There are still many girls to be sponsored.

Help keep this girl safe in school and out of early marriage

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Open up opportunities for girls.

Your sponsorship in action

For just $48 a month, you can help a girl stay in school and out of early marriage. You'll also support long-term development projects that benefit her entire community.

Where your money goes
Where your funds go

81.7% of every dollar you donate helps children and communities through field programs and advocacy work

How child sponsorship helps girls and their communities

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Child sponsorship costs $48 a month and you can choose to make donations monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.
You can also choose a payment option that suits you – for more details see “How do I make sponsorship payments?” 

Open up opportunities for girls. Shut down child marriage

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Help provide essentials like education and protection for children in need.

Donations over $2 may be tax deductible depending on your own personal tax position.