Help end violence against girls

Imagine if an Australian girl had to endure violence because of early marriage, war or child labour. For millions of girls, getting pulled out of school or forced into early marriage is an everyday reality. Generations of girls have endured this – but enough is enough. Sponsor a girl and help change her world through education, healthcare, child protection and the many other benefits that child sponsorship brings.


By 11 October, International Day of the Girl



Your sponsorship means they can change their world

How are sponsored girls changing lives?

Xa's story

Girls like Xa are saying no to child labour 

In rural north-central Vietnam, women are the breadwinners of the family and are often married off in their teens. Xa, 14, however, had bigger dreams and wanted to continue studying.

Being a sponsored child, World Vision went over to Xa’s house to offer support as well as to convince her father to let her go back to school. Today, Xa is determined to lead change in her community – she wants to join the police force and protect other children from harm. 

Sponsor a girl now and help her change her world.

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Semira's story

Girls like Semira are leading the fight against child marriage

Semira, 15, always thought Ethiopian practices such as child marriage and female genital mutilation were normal – until she attended a gender-based violence workshop made possible by World Vision sponsors.

“I learned that the traditional practices were harming girls,” she said and proceeded to form a girls’ club to educate other girls like herself. Now children all over the community tip off Semira’s group about any harmful practices who in turn report it to the police.

We are changing lives one girl and one community at a time. Sponsor a girl and help us end the violence.

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The global situation for girls

64 million

girls are involved in child labour

Almost 1 in 3

women and girls experience violence in their lives

Every minute

22 girls become child brides

Let’s help girls reach their full potential

The United Nations declared 11 October as the International Day of the Girl, a movement to celebrate the unlimited potential of young women. When you sponsor a girl you help her go to school, get an education and transform her life.
Your sponsorship will create brighter futures for generations.

We're asking Australians to sponsor 1,000 girls by 11 October, International Day of the Girl.

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