Sponsor a girl

Sponsor 1,000 girls by 11 October
International Day of the Girl

You can help rewrite the story of a vulnerable girl

Every year, 12 million vulnerable girls become child brides. Many suffer a life of sexual violence, exploitation and abuse. It’s time to rewrite their story.

Sponsor a girl’s education so she can live a life free of fear. Join our movement to sponsor 1,000 of the world’s most vulnerable girls by 11 October, International Day of the Girl.

Sponsor a girl and empower her to change her world

Lucinda's story

Sponsors like Lucinda are helping girls stay safe and protected and in school 

Lucinda (pictured with her niece, Maddie), started sponsoring Irene when she was six. “I’ve been sponsoring her for just over four years now. She’s now 10. She can now write letters to me, which is amazing because when we first connected, she couldn’t write or read properly.” 

Monika's story

Sponsorship freed Monika from child marriage and now she helps other girls fight against it

When Monika was sponsored by a World Vision supporter like you, she was inspired to stay in school. Today, she helps other girls in her community say “No” to child marriage. “So far, I have stopped 10 child marriages, but thousands more girls need your help.”

Change the narrative, help protect girls and keep them in school

Every minute

22 girls become child brides

64 million

girls are forced into child labour

Almost 1 in 3

women and girls experience violence in their lives

The United Nations declared 11 October as the International Day of the Girl, a movement to celebrate the unlimited potential of young women around the world. Raise your voice – sponsor a girl by 11 October. 

We’re asking Australians to raise their voice and sponsor 1,000 girls by 11 October, International Day of the Girl.

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