Important things to know about your sponsorship

Throughout your sponsorship, we’ll keep you informed on the lasting impact you are making in your sponsored child’s life and any changes that may affect your support.

Important things to know about your sponsorship

Throughout your sponsorship, we’ll keep you informed on the lasting impact you are making in your sponsored child’s life and any changes that may affect your support.

Why your child sponsorship may come to an end

The timing and duration of each sponsorship is different, depending on the circumstances of each child and their community. There are many reasons why your sponsorship may come to an end and we’ll provide you as much information as we can about the changes and what happens next.

Find out how long child sponsorship lasts

How long does child sponsorship usually last?

World Vision sponsorship programs typically take place over 15 years. However, the duration depends on the unique circumstances of your sponsored child and their community. Your sponsorship doesn’t continue for a standard length of time or end when your sponsored child reaches a certain age.

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When the community reach their goals

The aim of our work in your sponsored child’s community is for them to become self-sufficient and able to continue with their own development. When the community reaches its goals, it’s time to celebrate together and for us to move on and help another community in need.

Your sponsorship helps children's community

For every child sponsored, 4 more children benefit

Your sponsorship can do so much more

Although your sponsorship must come to an end at this point, your sponsored child and many other children living in their community will continue to benefit from the changes you’ve helped to make possible.

Watch this video to see why we celebrate together when a sponsorship program comes to completion. 

What does this mean for you?

When our work in your sponsored child’s community nears completion, we’ll notify you and help you consider your options for ongoing support, including sponsoring another child if you wish. For many of our supporters, the end of one sponsorship journey becomes the start of another very rewarding one.

When a sponsored child’s situation changes

Sometimes a child sponsorship may end before our work in the community is complete. This could be for a variety of reasons, like when a sponsored child reaches independence, finishes school, or moves away from the sponsorship area.

Other life changes and events can also cause a child to stop participating in a sponsorship program. But whenever your sponsorship ends, your support will have already helped to equip your sponsored child and their community for a brighter future.

If this happens, we’ll let you know and give you the chance to sponsor another child or explore other ways to continue your support.

Child sponsorship may end early due to changes in situation

Frequently asked questions

As a child sponsor, you’re helping to change the lives of vulnerable children both now and into the future. Your donations support work focused on identifying and addressing the complex causes of poverty.

Your sponsorship donations are pooled with those of others who sponsor children in the same community where your sponsored child lives. Collectively, your support enables World Vision to provide benefits such as education, healthcare, nutritious food and clean water for the community’s children. 

Even when a child’s involvement in sponsorship ends, they and their community can continue to see the benefits for many years to come. That’s because the projects you’ve supported help to meet the immediate needs of children and families, as well as aiming to forge pathways out of poverty for the next generation. 

The selection of children for sponsorship is a respectful process that happens in partnership with their community.

We work with community representatives to identify the local areas where the needs are greatest and the community then chooses children from those areas for sponsorship. Sponsored children are chosen from the most vulnerable families and being sponsored often gives them increased visibility and importance in the community.

Participation in all World Vision programs is voluntary, and sponsored children and their families choose to be a part of the program. We always respect the rights of families to make decisions about this.

It’s such a special decision – who will be the next sponsored child whose life you’ll help to change? If you’re not sure where to begin, here are some tips to help you decide.

Five ways to choose a child to sponsor

  1. Choose a child living in a country that interests you or you feel a strong connection to.
  2. Choose a child born on a special date, such as your birthday or your child’s birthday.
  3. Choose a child similar in age to a member of your family, such as your son, daughter or grandchild.
  4. Choose a child you feel a connection with by spending timing viewing the photos and information on our website of children waiting for a sponsor.
  5. We can help you choose a child if you can’t decide for yourself.

We’re strongly committed to protecting the privacy and wellbeing of sponsored children and their sponsors. That’s why we’re not able to maintain correspondence between you and a child who’s no longer participating in a World Vision program. We also can’t organise the exchange of contact details between sponsors and former sponsored children.

We appreciate that the friendship you’ve formed with your sponsored child can be very special and it can be difficult to say farewell. But we trust you’ll understand that our utmost priority is the wellbeing and protection of the children and families you’ve helped to support.

We follow strict child protection standards to look after the best interests of you and the vulnerable children we serve. We respectfully ask that you help us to maintain these important safeguards by not contacting a sponsored child outside the approved methods that are available during child sponsorship.

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