Mother's Day Gifts

Give a gift that lasts a lifetime

Mother's Day Gifts

Give a gift that lasts a lifetime

Looking for Mother’s Day gift inspiration? Let Mother’s Day 2020 be the year you give a gift that lasts a lifetime. Your Mother’s Day gift represents a donation to help World Vision support mothers and their families around the world. Give a gift today!

5 Unique Mother’s Day gift ideas 

1. A bicycle for a girl

Help give a girl a safe and speedy way to get to and from school.

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2. Childhood immunisation

Help protect infants from deadly diseases such as polio and tuberculosis.

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3. Newborn essentials

Help a new mum with supplies such as a bassinet, nappies, blanket and soap.

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4. Help a woman start a business

Equip a woman with skills, knowledge and capital to start a small business.

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5. Maternal health education

Help Indigenous families access local health services and raise healthy kids.

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Microfinancing empowering women, inspiring vision

“The business has been going really well. We not only get orders from customers here but students who are studying outside the town also come here to stitch their salwar’s and other items,” says Sajitha

39-year-old Sajitha runs Outlook, one of the most popular textile and tailoring shops in Nettithozhu, Idukki, India. Exclusive to women, it offers a range of materials and tailoring services to women in the immediate area and even students studying outside of the town.

With the help of IMPACT (Innovative Microfinance for Poverty Alliance and Community Transformation) a micro-finance wing of World Vision India, Sajitha has been financially empowered to purchase materials for her shop enabling her to expand her business, offer a variety of materials and offer stitching services at the same location. Improving the livelihood of her family and employees.

“The loans I got from IMPACT was a choice for me to get better at what I had been doing. I could have never imagined such a profitable business for a small shop like mine, if it was not for Impact,” says Sajitha


Micro-credit improving livelihoods and self-reliance

Sajitha, textile shop owner, IMPACT recipient, Idukki.

How World Vision is helping other mothers around the world

There are many other ways World Vision is helping to create better futures for mothers just like Bettina.

This work includes:

  • Providing vocational training and savings groups to help mothers gain skills and support their families
  • Training local health volunteers to keep mothers safe from preventable illness and disease
  • Supporting Indigenous Australian mothers and their families through community-led early childhood groups
  • Training and educating women in the Pacific to speak up against gender-based violence, which affects between 60 and 80 percent of women in the region

This Mother’s Day give a gift that lasts a lifetime!

A mother using her skills to help provide for her children

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